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Large Scale Uncertainty Principle

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    I was watching Through the Wormhole two weeks ago (I think it was a re-run), and they were talking about the uncertainty principle, and how it was impossible to prove due to the change in momentum of a particle when hit with an observation device, such as light. I think the guy was using protons, and it was some sort of chip assembly, with a main channel and a rudder going off to the side.

    Does anybody know what I am referring to? Whoever worked on this, or the reference to which episode it was would be much appreciated!!

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    I can't see it being incorrect. I believe it is the explanation for quantum tunneling, a very useful and important phenomena. I don't know if that counts as "proving" it or not.
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    The Uncertainty Principle has mounds of experimental support. The idea that there is some issue with the observing apparatus (i.e. imparting some change) has been soundly discredited.
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    see this large scale uncertainty
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