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I Largest sphere in the space between dense packed spheres

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    If I consider a tetrahedron of four densely packed spheres of unit radius, what it the radius of the largest sized sphere that can fit in the space in between?
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    Well, since this is PF, the inevitable reply is: what did you do so far to find it ?
    Did you alredy draw the tetrahedron in the usual manner (lines) ?
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    I didn't know where to start, whether drawing a tetrahedron and 2D circles is relevant.
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    If you have a better idea, follow that !
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    Thread closed, as it is a homework type question.

    A reminder: To qualify as homework merely the problem itself is taken into account, not its real life origin, which we cannot know anything about. So if a problem is of numerical nature or involves an otherwise special example, then it's likely homework. We request our users of the homework section to use and fill out the template, which will automatically be inserted there, esp. part 3, which covers own efforts. It helps us a lot in order to solve the obstacles the user might have.

    Thank you.
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