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Last year - physics graduation what now?

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    last year - physics graduation.. what now??

    Hello everyone, :)
    Well, my last year (if I don't fail any class) is starting now. But what's really worrying me is that I need to do a 'course conclusion work/paper' (I'm pretty certain that there is a specific term in english for that :P ). The expectation is that by now I should have a good notion of what area of research I'm more interested... but I don't!
    Can anyone give me some suggestion? in my college most of my professors are specialized in particle physics and similars. I also studied for a while, with an advisor, quantum chaos, so I guess that is a possibility, right?
    I'm pretty lost... :confused:
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    What interested you?

    To start off:

    Are you interested more in big or small stuff? (i.e. black holes vs. electrons)

    Are you interested more in experimental or theoretical work?

    Are you interested more in applied or pure scientific fields?

    These questions should help get you started. Try to answer them, and then we can see if we can narrow it down some more.
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    Thanks G01 :) thinking about this through these questions helps.
    I have an inclination for theoretical physics, and from what i have worked so far, not applied. I don't know about big or small.. it's hard to think of physics in separated phenomenas, i'll leave this question open :)
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    What was your favourite class?

    Look at professor's websites and see if anything that they're doing interests you.
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