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LaTeX: Drawing Coxeter/Dynkin graph

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    Do you know of any package to draw Coxeter graphs and Dynkin diagrams in LaTeX directly?

    Currently I'm taking Lie-algebra's and working out my assignment in (PDF)-LaTeX. I need to draw a simple Coxeter graph / Dynkin diagram, like the following:
    where o indicates an open dot, O a closed dot, --- stands for a single line and === for a double line. I don't really care about the dots, it's also fine if I can put an arrow through the line
    as long as I can indicate the shorter and longer roots.

    Alternatively, it'd be nice to label the vertices, but that's not a requisite for me. Of course, I can draw such a diagram in Paint (eeek) or a vector program like Inkscape (overkill?) but I was wondering if there doesn't just exist some LaTeX package that will do this for me. Not too complicated please, probably I can use MetaPost, but a) I'd have to learn it and b) I'd have to switch from pdfLaTeX to latex,dvi->ps->pdf which is way too complicated.

    Any ideas?

    PS Didn't know what would be the best forum, I just guessed this one because I think here I have the largest chance of someone active in this subject who uses this regularly coming by.
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    Maybe sci.math is a better bet.
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