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Law school with a BA in physics?

  1. Apr 20, 2012 #1
    Hi all :)

    I'm ending my Junior year of college, and I'm starting to panic slightly on what to do for grad school. I know I definitely want to go because I don't want to just have my BA in physics, but I'm starting to become confused on what I want to do.

    Originally, I went into physics thinking after I graduate from college I'll get into a good research grad program.
    Now I'm beginning to think this might be a bad idea. The more upper level classes I take, the more I realize I don't think I have that 'intuition' that most physics majors seem to have. I still do well in the courses, but the more advanced concepts aren't coming easily. I'm worried that if I'm struggling now, I'll never make it in grad school. I have an internship this summer (REU) which should give me a better understanding of where I stand.

    But the thing is, I'm starting to wonder if my love for physics is more of a hobby love than a career love.

    Now onto my question.
    Before I went into physics, I grew up thinking I'd go into law. But since there is such a surplus of lawyers, the economy isn't doing that great, and it's difficult to get a job in law, I had decided against it.

    Now I'm reconsidering.

    Last year at the US North-Eastern women undergraduate physics conference, a graduate student was talking about legal patenting.
    I've done some light google searching on this, but is there anyone who could tell me what a career in this field would be like? What it entails and such.

    Also, I think I'm just going to take the LSAT when I take the GRE. When should I take them? Is waiting until the August/September date too late? Any tips?

    As always, thanks so much to anyone who takes their time to read and/or respond.
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  3. Apr 20, 2012 #2
    A buddy of mine did this, finished his ba in physics and just got accepted to law school, I think he wants to either go into patent law or try to become a politician where he feels he could lobby to the importance of science education.
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