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News Lawyers for the Republican National Committee are heading to Alaska

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    See here

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    I have a picture of a crack team of republican lawyers trained in specialised haute-cuture identification breaking into the Palin bedroom and saying "prada with those hips - oh, darling please no"
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    According to something I heard this morning, Palin's staff needed to buy several sizes of the same dress to ensure that one fit just right. :rolleyes:

    Presumably she returned all the dresses, otherwise they'll have to be reported to the IRS as gifts - unless Palin turns them over to the governor's office, i.e. her wardrobe becomes property of the State of Alaska. :rofl:
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    I read yesterday that an inventory showed clothes were "missing".
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    Winter is coming in Alaska and nobody wants to see Ms. Palin naked so perhaps the GOP could organise some sort of charity clothing collection.
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    If I know Republican Lawyers, they probably took a proctologist along too.
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    I wonder if Palin will get any "tough love" from an Alaskan Joe Arpaio? :devil:
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