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Lead shielding against Van allen belts?

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    (sorry - not sure about the prefix)
    I have read that lead shielding is dangerous against high energy particle radiation because of the high atomic number in lead.

    The particles would have high chance of hitting the lead atomic nuclei and producing x-rays.

    I am fed up with moon landing conspiracy theorists using the Van Allen belts radiation as "proof" we didnt go to the moon.

    Could someone please post some pages that are not Wikepedia (they say it is in on the conspiracy) that i can use for a citation? A paper done by some credible scientists would be excellent. Something explaining that lead is a bad thing to use with this type of radiation.

    I know you cant win with the conspiracy lot but i can win this Van Allen belt lie that they are spreading.

    Thankyou very much, your help is really appreciated.
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    Lead is not a bad thing. Yes, it increases the dose rate from high-energetic particles because they start showers in the material, but it reduces the much higher dose rate from low-energetic particles significantly (by simply stopping them and their showers).

    The Apollo missions crossed the Van Allen belts within hours, the dose rate there is well-known, multiplied with a few hours the result is a small additional dose. There are tons of papers about radiation levels in the belts.

    There is nothing to win - the claim is ridiculous anyway, to keep it up you have to ignore science completely. If you can do that, you can ignore one more comment about science as well.
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    Sorry mfb i should of checked my post. I didnt mean i "can" win the Van Allen argument. It was meant to say i "cant" win the argument. I agree with you totally, there is nothing to win.

    It is just this conspiracy drives me nuts mad with their lies and made up science.
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    You are aware that discussions about conspiracy theories is against the PF rules, right? (Even debunking discussions are not allowed...)
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    Sorry i was not aware. I can see why that rule should be enforced though. Thanks.
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    You could post about this on http://skeptics.stackexchange.com/ , but read their rules carefully first, and they may already have lots of material on the topic of moon landings supposedly being a hoax.
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