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Learning Dynamical Mean Field Theory

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    I'm a masters student trying to apply DMFT to problems involving transport in strongly correlated systems. I have a cursory understanding of the physics behind the Hubbard model, which is to say, I have spent some time with it in a quantum many body theory course. However, I now want to learn DMFT to the point of being able to write my own DMFT code to solve a few toy problems before trying to figure out how to use it for non-equilibrium problems.

    Could someone point me to a gentle introduction to DMFT which helps me develop some simple programs as well. I'm unable to find friendly references on the internet.

    Thanks in advance!
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    There are a few codes you can find online, I think python scripts. You can probably reverse engineer them. I think Kristjan Haule's website has a few downloads, and there is also some DMFT code with the ALPS project.
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    Thanks indeed OhYoungLions! That website looks like a very useful resource.
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