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Learning mathematics but need to know physics

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    I teach myself mathematics, but I want also to broaden my knowledge with some physics, which I think will enhance my intuition for different things in mathematics. The problem is that it seems I know nothing about physics. So I want you to recommend me which book(or books) must I read to develop my understanding of Newtonian gravitation and mechanics, where the book not only cover how to deal with forces and computing the resultant ... etc. I want a book which consider concepts like energy and forces and clarify the connection between them formally, and with some examples like the example of flood and ebb (which I read about but couldn't absorb its physics where it was using reference potentials and tidal potentials and things like that which I don't know very well how to deal with it will be good if there is good books clarifying such concepts formally and rigorous). It will be better if the books needs no much physical background.

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