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Lee mili-eV ennumeration and see saw

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    Had anybody bookmarked the thread (at Motl's, in 2005?) where Smolin does a ennumeration of things that happen to live at the scale of 10^-3 eV and he includes neutrinos, the Pionner effect, and cosmological constant? Or perhaps only the two first ones?

    Yesterday I was thinking that obviously if the neutrino scale is near the cosmological constant, then a see saw around the electroweak scale should work. I had forgotten that Lubos did this same argument two years ago, so better to relink it here:

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    gravitational seesaw

    The attractiveness of gravitational seesaw is that it stresses the coincidence of three pairs of scales:

    - The neutrino scale is near the cosmological constant.
    - The electroweak scale is near the WIMP.
    - The GUT scale is near the Planck scale

    A problem is that it is near of being overdetermined: the difference between the electroweak scale and GUT is already "explained" from the running of the higgs mass term, and SeeSaw does the rest to fix all these three scales in particle physics.

    On the other hand, I find interesting to note that the QFT limit of quantum gravity is to take Planck scale to infinity (ie Newton constant to zero), and then the seesaw also puts to zero the cosmological term. (and to infinity the GUT and to zero the neutrinos, and then what about renormalization group running coupling constants?)
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