Length of a 60/40 soldering lead that is 1lb and 0.8mm dia?

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what is the Length of a 60/40 soldering lead that is 0.453kg and 0.8mm in diameter? i could not find the volume of the thing so is there any other way to go around this?

i could also not find the density of the 60/40 solder. so yeah im asking here if anybody knows

thank you
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You could unroll it and measure the length.

60/40 Sn-Pb solder will probably have one or more flux cores. That will reduce the density of the wire compared with the solid alloy. Computation of density will be unreliable.

I would weigh the full roll, then unroll one metre and weigh that. If you assume the plastic spool is not significant, then simple division will give you a slight over-estimate of the length. If you weigh and subtract the weight of an empty spool you will get a better estimate.


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Tin 59.5 – 61.5%, Lead remainder. Density 8.67 g/cm³. Has a 2.30 - 3.20% rosin core.

60EN density = 8.4 g/cc
Sn60 density = 8.5 g/cc

Assume alloy with flux, has density of 8.45 g/cc.
0.8 mm diam = 0.08 cm diam = 0.04 cm radius.

1 metre of 0.8mm wire will weigh 100 cm * Pi * 0.04^2 = 0.503 cc = 4.25 g/m
0.453 kg / 4.25 g/m = 106.5 metre

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