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Letter of recommendatio-current prof.

  1. Jul 23, 2009 #1
    Hi everyone,

    I will be needing letters of recommendation for grad school towards the end of next semester. I transfered from community college and don't have such close relationship with physics professors at my university. I did good (A's) in all classes but I didn't have any of the profesors twice.

    I will be doing my research the last semester Spring '10 and it will be too late then for grad school admission. I even thought of making a break after undergrad for one semester because I have too much going on with my personal life (too many obligations) that I haven't started to study for GRE's yet.

    So, my question: If I do well in the classes I am about to take in fall, would it be ok to ask professors for letters of recomendation before the end of semester even if I will be having those professors for the first time?

    I just feel it would be better because they will have a fresh idea of what kind of student I am.

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  3. Jul 23, 2009 #2
    Yes. Profs understand that. If you spoke up in their class and you did well they'll supply a token positivel letter. (Of course that will never be as good as a recommendation from a prof you've actually worked with but still)
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    Unless you do stellar on the GRE, you should maybe consider spending a year doing research somewhere it would increase your profile greatly.
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    That is my problem mostly since I am so quiet that I never speak up in class even though I know material and do well in class but I don't think they remember me since I am so quiet. But I'll try more now since I really need it.

    Also about research I planned to do it earlier because I wanted to go into experimental physics and wanted to see how I do in lab but couldn't find time. So if needed maybe I'll stay and do some research. I guess it will depend on GRE's and how I do on them as well.

    Thanks both on reply
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