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Leveling mounts for a platform to hold around 300 lbs?

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    I need to build a platform (10 in off the ground) that can hold a fan, air damper and silencer which is in total around 300 lbs of weight. I was looking at these leveling mounts that I could use for the table feet:


    I noticed that there is one that says 300 lbs capacity per mount and another one says 600 lbs capacity per mount. They are the same price so why would anyone want to purchase the 300 lb one?

    Also, I just want to make sure... You can adjust these right? In case you want to make your table slightly higher?

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    jim mcnamara

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    Yes. they adjust. Note that they have a minimum height (C - A) of 13/16". So your actual physical table needs to be 10" - 13/16" = 9 3/16" in height. And you have to accommodate for the additional height of the nut. I do not see that value.
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    So the 2 1/2" thread length means that you can adjust the table up to 2 1/2"? Or would it be less since some of the thread length is inside the mount.

    Also, what material do you guys recommend I use for the actual platform itself?
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    In fact the ones from 40lb down seem to be the same size and price.

    You would want to match capacity to load if vibration damping was important.
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