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Platform games (often simplified as platformer or jump 'n' run games) are a video game genre and subgenre of action games in which the core objective is to move the player character between points in a rendered environment. Platformers are characterized by their level of use in jumping and climbing to navigate the player's environment and reach their goal. Levels and environments feature uneven terrain and suspended platforms of varying height that requires use of the player character's abilities in order to traverse. Other acrobatic maneuvers factor into the gameplay as well, such as climbing, swinging from objects such as vines or grappling hooks, jumping off walls, air dashing, gliding through the air, being shot from cannons or bouncing from springboards or trampolines. Games where jumping is automated completely, such as 3D games in The Legend of Zelda series, fall outside of the genre.
While commonly associated with console gaming, there have been many prominent platform games released for video arcades, as well as for handheld game consoles and home computers.
During the peak of platform games' popularity, platform games were estimated to consist of between a quarter and a third of all console games, but have since been supplanted by first-person shooters. In 2006, the genre experienced a decline in popularity, representing a 2% market share as compared to 15% in 1998; however, the genre still exists in the commercial environment, with a number of games selling in the millions of units.

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  1. drago44

    Is this way of steering possible?

    I was wondering... Let's say we have a square platform with 4 wheels at corners placed on dirt and let's have left side wheels fixed straight and right side wheels are steerable so that when rear right goes in then front right goes out, would this way of steering work? What's your thoughts?
  2. uSee2

    Explosion of 2 Carts on a Platform (Momentum)

    My Explanation: This system is a closed system, so the center of mass velocity stays constant. It was initially at rest so the position of the center of mass is constant. After their collision, the 2 carts are to the right of x = 0. Center of mass originally was at x = 0, so the platform had to...
  3. hagopbul

    About meta trader platform

    TL;DR Summary: Asking about meta trader platform and what mathematical theories should i read about Hello : Recently got my attention a claim about meta trader platform and how you can use it as supportive income source What is this platform exactly ? What should I read to be able to use...
  4. R

    Two masses on a rotating platform

    I'm having some trouble figuring this problem out. I've found the tension in (a) but I don't know where to start with (b). I've found that the distance between one of the masses and the rotational axis on the picture is R+0.52 m and that the masses rise to a height of h = 0.3 m. The moment of...
  5. A

    High Altitude Platform: Power Requirements

    How would I approach this task: I have a platform 10x10 meters footprint, 15 meters height, I need it to permanently float at about 10km, doesn't need to navigate/steer. That volume can contain some tech inside like balloons, batteries, propellers, solar panels etc. What is the power requirement...
  6. T

    Stewart platform and closed loops

    Hello! (I am not asking for someone to do this for me. I am only asking a qualitative question.) Suppose one knows the lengths of all six links that are involved in the Stewart platform. Is that enough to define the position and orientation of the top (assuming the base is fixed) I would...
  7. D

    I G-force centrifuge mounted on opposite rotating platform

    Query - does a centrifuge spinning to create X g-force, mounted on a platform that is rotating the the same rpm's the opposite direction, negate the g-force? Or does the g-force stay the same but from an outside perspective the centrifuge appears stationary?
  8. J

    Recommendation for a platform for drawing computational circuits

    Homework Statement:: I need to draw circuits involving quantum gates and quantum states I would like a platform that allowed me to draw quantum computation circuits. That is, that it provides me with the schemes and allows me to write in latex. Many thanks in advance.
  9. S

    Period of simple pendulum on an inclined moving platform

    When the platform moves with constant acceleration, the equation of Newton's 2nd law of motion is Forward force - W sin 30o = m.a Forward force = m (a + g sin 30o) ⇒ apparent gravity = a + g sin 30oFinal period of pendulum = ##\sqrt{\frac{g}{a+g \sin 30^{0}}} \times 2 = 2.38 s## Is this...
  10. S

    Misc. Are there alternatives to a Stewart platform that have more lateral motion?

    As per the short description, really! I'm working on a project which involves a stewart platform: to give angles and vertical movement, but the main application of my design requires a large degree of lateral movement, about 4 times more than the dimensions of the top platform itself. Before...
  11. M

    Motor calculation for a rotating platform

    Hi! My team and i have been stuck in this school project for awhile. Been reading up a lot but can't find the answer. We have been designing and rotating platform that is able to rotate a load of 2000kg. So the rotating platform would something similar to those car turntables where there would...
  12. A

    I Problem with Static Friction -- Two blocks on a platform

    Hello, everyone. This problem is easy if you assume that the friction between the blocks and the platform is the maximum possible. Then the normal force is 0. But how can you show that the normal is 0 even when the friction is less than maximum? Thank you for your help.
  13. dge

    Spring compression -- Ball colliding with a spring-mounted platform

    I've tried establishing a systems of equations with -(1/2)kx^2+mpgx+(1/2)mpvp^2=0, but this leads to an annoying quadratic that when solved does not give one of the listed answers. My thought was that the spring's potential energy is going to be equal to the gravitational potential energy and...
  14. T

    The Stewart Platform (why the joints?)

    Good Morning As I have understood, the standard Stewart platform has six legs. Each leg consists of a lower and upper body, connected by a translational joint (TJ) (that enables extension and contraction) The bottom body of a leg, connects to the base plate via a UNIVERSAL JOINT (UJ) The top...
  15. I

    Signal transfer properties of a spring-suspended platform?

    Ok, the last time I did something with physics, save for simple in-game simulation of gravity, was many moons ago in high school. I certainly did not learn to do this in high school, although two subjects I had there at a basic level, are touched: Waves and Classical mechanics. I have no idea...
  16. M

    Engineering FBD of a loaded Dumptruck platform that is Tilting

    Hi, From the picture the following statement is asked: "Draw a FBD from the loaded platform of the truck. D has a mass of 25 kN and it's center is at point G. D rest on a pin in A and is connected with a hydraulic cylinder pinned in point B. Give the meaning of the forces." I made a FBD and I...
  17. Moara

    LaTeX Program or platform for figures and diagrams

    When using latex for writing problems in physics, I find it difficult to make diagrams or figures (such as circuits, atwood machines, lenses, ...) so I wonder if anyone has some recommendations of programs or platforms that can make this "drawings" easy, possibly without the necessity of coding...
  18. Leo Liu

    The inelastic collision between a disk and a rotating platform

    A disk is dropped on a platform rotating at a constant angular speed ##\omega_i## as shown below. The question asks whether the final kinetic energy of the platform is conserved. I understand the angular momentum is always conserved provided that the net torque is 0, so I wrote the following...
  19. SpaceThoughts

    Low friction horizontal rotating platform

    I am looking for a rotation devise like that one in this video below (from 00:40 seconds). Does anyone know where to get one, or have any idea about how to create a nice and stable rotation setup for experiments without too much hassle and DIY? A bike wheel won't do, a disk is better, because I...
  20. eyespy

    Solving the Platform and Object Kinetic Energy Equation

    Homework Statement:: Consider a platform (mass: M) which horizontal surface AB s smoothly joined to vertical surface CD as shown in the figure below. Initially, the platform is fixed in place on a horizontal floor. A small object (mass: m) is placed on AB and given an initial speed of v in the...
  21. B

    Move Stewart platform without Kinematics

    Hello, I've a small project (stewart platfrom) part of another one. I'd like to move my platform with a joystick on X, Y translations and roll, pitch, yaw. Since this is a component of a bigger project, so this part should just move without precise kinematics, I'd like to perform approximate...
  22. U

    B Train platform -- light speed and time quandry

    Summary: how can a train traveling at light speed, travel at two different speeds being the same train, depending upon whether you are on the train platform or in the train You say good bye to your friend at the train station. You get into train that will travel at just under light speed...
  23. Bladerunner56

    Standing jump on a spring platform

    Hello PF, I'm looking for physics and math insights that will help me set up and solve a diff. eqn. for the height of a jump from a spring platform. The problem requires a bit of setup explanation, because it appears simple at first, but then, not so simple. First consider a person standing...
  24. J

    Variable mass beans falling on a platform

    Homework Statement A spigot pours beans onto a scale platform. At a time t = 0.0 sec, the spigot is opened and beans begins to pour out (with initial velocity 0) at a rate of 1.00 kg/sec onto the platform from a height of 10.0 m above. (a) At t = 10.0 sec, what is the weight of beans on the...
  25. F

    Platform for theoretical physicists?

    I’m a young very ambitious student who would like to embrace a project. As a third year undergrad I feel pretty alone. My fellow colleagues are not very forward thinking nor want to do anything besides pass the exams. Are there any platforms/associations for young theoretical physicists...
  26. S

    Distance a platform moves when a person walks on it

    Homework Statement A metal platform of mass M and length L is placed on a frictionless floor. A man of mass m walks on the platform from the left end to the right end of the platform. Let left end of platform denoted as point O. How much does the platform move on the floor with respect to O...
  27. J

    Location of a load on a platform

    Hi, I'm hoping to better understand the physics involved in building a platform for storage. I have an exterior wall with a 2x6 header nailed horizontally into it. 10' in from that wall, I have 2x6's vertically from concrete floor up. On the top of the header and vertical 2x6's is a 2x4...
  28. JonMoulton

    New Life History Simulation Modeling Platform

    mod: approved HexSim Life History Simulation Modeling Platform - free to download. Landscape ecology, anyone? After >10 years of development, the HexSim life history simulator is ready for use by students and researchers.HexSim is a free, versatile, multi-species, life history simulator ideal...
  29. S

    Finding the total momentum of system

    Homework Statement A car of mass 1500 kg is at rest on a platform of mass 3000 kg, which is also at rest. The platform has frictionless wheels attached to its bottom. The whole system is initially at rest. The car starts to move forward at a speed of 5.0 m/s with respect to the ground...
  30. dkotschessaa

    Choosing a podcasting platform

    I have volunteered to help an organization get their audio, which they already post to a website, into a podcast format. I'm a huge podcast addict (subscribe to over 100, sadly), but I don't know much about starting from the other end. I know there is itunes, soundcloud, libsyn, podbean, and a...
  31. J

    I Speed of light on a moving platform

    1. We have a moving platform traveling 700 miles per hour to the Right-Direction. 2. In the middle of the platform, we have a gun which fires a laser both at the front and back of the platform at the same time. 3. We have at both the front and back of the platform, a mechanical device. These...
  32. D

    I with the formula for this marble falling from a platform

    A marble is released at 22.5 meters per second from a 70 meter tall platform. When will the marble strike the ground if the equation for the platforms height is 2.3[t][/2]+ (-)6.5t+70?
  33. Ghost117

    LaTeX Does any forum platform come equipped with LaTeX?

    Hi all, I want to create a private online forum for a small team of project members, and we will require LaTeX. I've been trying to google options, but most forum platforms do not seem to support LaTeX 'out of the box.' (Or at least I can't seem to find any that do... ) If anyone here is aware...
  34. hansyhop

    Motorized rotating platform (180 degrees, periodically)

    Hi, I'm trying to build a motorized rotating platform, and was wondering what drive system to choose. The platform is 1.2 meters in diameter with two cylindrical objects (max 25 kg each) attached on top - total weight to rotate approx 80 kg. I want the platform to be programmed to...
  35. UsableThought

    Courses Teaching quality of Coursera math courses after platform re-design?

    I'm currently in the 5th week of the 9-week Coursera course on first-level math logic, "Introduction to Mathematical Thinking," created by Keith Devlin of Stanford. I'm an older adult doing self-study, in hopes of brushing up my high school math & adding the other necessary math skills to...
  36. farolero

    Problem with 2 cars on almost masless spining platform

    So to cars are in a circular spining platform around its center which weight is so low it can be neglected, the cars initially aim radially in opposite directions. The cars start moving radially in opposite diractions, notice net angular momentum is zero because the cars are moving radially and...
  37. B

    A person walks on a rotating platform at constant speed

    Homework Statement A large flat horizontal platform rotates at a constant angular speed ω. A person on the platform walks in a circular path of radius R0 centered on the axis of the platform with a constant linear speed v relative to the platform’s surface. The coefficient of friction between...
  38. DaveC426913

    Java Java Platform: 21st Century Users Deserve Better

    < rant > For ten years I've had a particular program that has only been released in a version to run on Java 6. That's spanned multiple incarnations of Windows, culminating in Win 10. The developers still don't seem to realize what a giant PITA barrier-to-entry Java is. It's ten years later...
  39. AlexKud

    Force required to lift a platform (over the range of angles)

    Homework Statement Hi, this is not really an academic homework but it is something I'm trying to solve for my future project. I have a background in electrical engineering hence I'm having a hard time solving the forces problem. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/43124243/Force_problem.png...
  40. T

    Computer aided Rotating platform

    I'm thinking about building a rotating platform (horizontal rotation, like merry-go-round) which will be controlled by computer instructions. the platform will rotate with accuracy to 1 decimal point degree. a load will be mounted on this rotating platform, could weigh up to 200kg. what's the...
  41. sophiecentaur

    B Equatorial platform: any experiences?

    I was trawling the net and came across an equatorial platform that you can put a Dobsonian on. It claims to give you about an hour of tracking and then you have to start again. The geometry of it looks clever as you never need to be actually tilting the Dobs base by more than a few degrees. The...
  42. R

    Gravitational force - point mass and circular platform

    Homework Statement Calculate the gravitational force between a point mass and a circular platform. Homework Equations G=m1*m2/r^2 The Attempt at a Solution http://i.imgur.com/dfZf9GK.jpg The actual solution is different. They integrated by the angle between a/r (alpha) but i do not...
  43. F

    Maximum load platform can withstand

    Homework Statement A platform is supported by a rectangular plastic tank below . When there's no external load act on it , it oscillate on the water surface with amplitude 0.05m . When it's in equilibrium , the water reaches 0.07m of the height of tank submerged in water. P/s : the tank has a...
  44. A

    Sphere rolling with slipping on a movable platform

    Homework Statement A sphere (of radius r and mass m) rotating with angular velocity ω0 is lowered onto the edge of a floating platform of length L and mass M. The platform can move freely on water. The platform is rough and the sphere rolls all the way from one edge to the other edge of the...
  45. B

    Man on Platform: Min Value of μs for Radial Motion to be Straight

    Homework Statement A platform rotates in counterclockwise with angular velocity w. A man walks frm the center of the platform to the border with constant radial velocity v' wrt the platform. ##\mu_s## is the static friction coefficient. Calculate the minimum value for ##\mu_s## such that the...
  46. S

    Is ASP.NET a Sustainable Career Choice in the Next Decade?

    It is what I've been developing on in my professional career. Should I be running away from it?
  47. T

    Rotating platform on top of another rotating platform

    Homework Statement Have platform A that is being spun by a centrifuge with a radius R1 and centripetal velocity of w1. On top of platform A is a Lazy Susan (Platform B) that spins about a radius R2 with a centripetal velocity of w2. There are accelerometers placed on the the purple platform...
  48. P

    Explaining the Behavior of a Ball on a Tilted Platform

    Hi all, Consider the following SR scenario: In a frame S: A ball is resting on a platform that is parallel to the x axis. The platform is moving downward at a constant velocity parallel to the y axis. We assume a constant gravitational field whose lines of force are parallel to the y axis. In...