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Lie algebra for particle physics

  1. Aug 12, 2016 #1
    Hello! I am sorry that this questions is not actually directly related to physics, but, can anyone recommend me a good book about abstract algebra (basically lie algebra, representation theory etc.) used in physics? I have tried for a long time to find something online but I haven't find a satisfactory one (some of them present the theory from a mathematical point of view, without physical implications, and the ones that present the theory from a physical point of view, skip some steps or definitions that I need to look for in other books in order to get the ideas behind). I would like a book to start with basic concepts, but from a physics point of view (by this I mean, I am not that much interested in the proof of theorems, as I am in seeing how you can apply the theory to particle physics). Thank you and sorry again.
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    Georgi's book meets your demands.
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