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Lifting an object to put it into a container

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    I'm trying something similar, it's a mechanism to lift/tilt a cylinder, in order to drop whatever is inside the cylinder into another box. (the substance cannot be pumped)
    The cylinder is about 250kg heavy, and I'd have to lift it around 1,5m, then tilt it.

    I'm afraid I can't lift it with chains, cause it may swing and leak part of my substance. (actually I can, but I'd like to hear some other suggestion)
    A quick drawing:
    For the tilting I would use a chain at the bottom, after the cylinder is lifted, the bottom would be pulled by this chain and tilt the cylinder.
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    I would think that a U shaped frame under the your bucket that is pushed up on both sides by hydraulics with a gear motor on one side to do the pouring after lifting would work well.

    Questions to think on;
    1. can you get close enough to the recieving box without some kind of funnel or spout?
    2. Is the base going to be big enough to prevent tipping during the pouring process?
    3. How are you going to move it around without overhead crane service?
    4. If you are moving it with an overhead crane why not just do the pouring that way?

    FYI it is not polite to hijack someone's thread. You should start your own.
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    I apologize for hijacking the other topic, I didn't know it was wrong.

    Thank you for the answer!

    There's a funnel around the hole on the receiving box!

    I'll use a manual forklift to move the cylinder, but it won't lift the cylinder more than 30cm.
    My current idea is to use a 'fixed' crane to lift it. I'm afraid moving it with a crane would cause unwanted oscillations. To solve the oscillations I'd have to make some kind of built-in rail on the ceiling..

    What did you mean by #2?

    I had this U frame idea before, but it was hard to imagine how I would I attach it to my structure. I'll try to think over it.

    Best regards

    (sorry about my bad English, I hope you can understand me)
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    Are you acquainted with a small portable cement mixer? The drum/barrel is on a frame and it is designed to have the contents of the drum poured out into something. So let's through away the existing frame and build a new U shaped one that has cylinders or screw jacks of some design, one on each side and suitable to lift the load. Since the cement mixer is already designed to be poured out, let's remove the handle and mount a worm drive gear box with step down sprockets in its place to pour the contents out.

    #2 Now on your unit lets say that your pivot point is not in the center of the drum but offset to the bottom or top by say a 1/3, which you may want to do to increase your reach or to make the material discharge more controllable. Now when you begin the pour and the material shifts in the drum suddenly the base needs to be big enough, and or heavy enough to absorb that energy and not allow the whole unit to tip over.

    FYI Librecad is a pretty good drafting program. There are some pretty good youtube videos that will help you learn how to use it. It might help you visualize what it is you have in mind.
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