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A lifting body is a fixed-wing aircraft or spacecraft configuration in which the body itself produces lift. In contrast to a flying wing, which is a wing with minimal or no conventional fuselage, a lifting body can be thought of as a fuselage with little or no conventional wing. Whereas a flying wing seeks to maximize cruise efficiency at subsonic speeds by eliminating non-lifting surfaces, lifting bodies generally minimize the drag and structure of a wing for subsonic, supersonic and hypersonic flight, or spacecraft re-entry. All of these flight regimes pose challenges for proper flight safety.
Lifting bodies were a major area of research in the 1960s and 70s as a means to build a small and lightweight manned spacecraft. The US built a number of lifting body rocket planes to test the concept, as well as several rocket-launched re-entry vehicles that were tested over the Pacific. Interest waned as the US Air Force lost interest in the manned mission, and major development ended during the Space Shuttle design process when it became clear that the highly shaped fuselages made it difficult to fit fuel tankage.
Advanced spaceplane concepts in the 1990s and 2000s did use lifting-body designs. Examples include the HL-20 Personnel Launch System (1990) and the Prometheus spaceplane (2010). The Dream Chaser lifting-body spaceplane, an extension of HL-20 technology, was under development as of 2012 as one of three vehicles to potentially carry US crew to and from the International Space Station. In 2015 the ESA Intermediate eXperimental Vehicle performed the first ever successful reentry of a lifting body spacecraft.

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  1. nav888

    Conservation of Energy when lifting a box up off the floor

    So, I cannot for the life of me write a conservation of energy statement, when an object is lifted up by a force. So in my example there is a box on the floor with v = 0, and then a force of magnitude F, where F > mg, acts on the ball, now the net force is F-mg, and hence the work done is (F -...
  2. O

    Calculations for a lifting tool for a bar

    I'm designing a lifting tool for a bar with a flared head. The bar is say 10m long and 10mm in diameter with a head on the top that is 20mm in diameter and 10mm thick. There is a fillet from the head to the bar of 2mm (for reducing stress concentrations). The bar will be lifted vertically and...
  3. T

    Lifting 40 lbs with garage door opener

    I have a garage door opener I want to use to lift 40lbs. I've read that without the spring assist it could manage 27lbs max lifting power. If I played around with the sprocket that's going on the shaft attached to the 40lbs say double or triple the diameter that's whats on the opener would...
  4. N

    Work calculation for lifting a Tetrahedron-shaped object from the water

    Hi, I'm calculating the work done by regular tetrahedron during taking from the water by crane (USING INTEGRALS). I don't know how bad is that solved so if anyone checks my work and gives me some advice or hints I would be very glad. Everything is written in the PDF file. There were given...
  5. Differentiate it

    Work, Power and Energy — Lifting a coiled rope up off a surface

    The solution said that Average power= net change in energy/time, but why is that true? If you have a different way of solving it, it would be helpful too
  6. zuzelle

    How does this system work? (Four pulleys and a rope lifting a mass)

    I used the regular way of solving problems with pulleys. I tried to find the tension forces, which must be the same in the rope, but I get it wrong
  7. T

    How Is Cylinder Force Calculated to Rotate a Beam with a Horizontal Load?

    I am trying to calculate the force required to lift/move the beam clockwise from the shown position. I have a force (F1) acting at the end of the beam, 5,000lbs pushing to the left, as shown. What is "Fcyl", or the force required by the cylinder to life the beam with the acting load, and rotate...
  8. C

    B Potential energy and lifting an object vertically

    So the potential energy of an object in a gravitational field is pe=hmg where h is the height of the object in the gravitational field in meters m is the mass in kilograms and g is the acceleration in meters per second per second I read on an answer to a question that the force to lift an...
  9. E

    B Upwards movement -- Lifting weights while standing on a scale

    if I move a weight upwards, will the force exerted on my feet change? I tried standing on scales and lifting a weight but nothing changed as the force seemed to be all in my arm muscles and no change in the weight on the scales...
  10. rudransh verma

    Why can the potential energy at any point be chosen to have any value?

    The force is -Mg and distance is L/3. So W=-MgL/3. Not right! Maybe it’s done using COM but there is no additional information is given.
  11. C

    Calculating Lifting Weight for a Horizontal Metal Tube

    how do I calculate how much force is needed to lift a horizontal metal tube to a vertical position. The metal tube is 25 feet long, weighs 300lb and and pivots 5 foot from the bottom. I will be using a hand winch and the cable attaches at the bottom of the 5 foot end of the tube.
  12. rudransh verma

    B Work done in lifting and lowering an object

    ##\Delta K=K_f-K_i=W_a+W_g##.(##W_a##, work done by applied force and ##W_g##, work done by gravity) In case of uniform motion with velocity u, kinetic energy is equal. Change is zero. ##W_a=-W_g## If one force transfers energy into the system then the other takes out of the system. Energy of...
  13. U

    Hydraulic lifting force of this arrangement of pipes

    Hello All, :) Please see the picture , input force F1 and area A1 and second area A2 are all same for 3 cases . in case 2 and 3 , red open outline represents a free-to-move , ie , "T" piece move upward for the 1st case , output force F2 should be F2=A2/A1 x F1 , by pascal's principle ...
  14. U

    B Can the output forces for F3 and F4 be the same as F2 in hydraulic lifting?

    Hello All, pls see picture , input force F1 and area A1 and second area A2 are all same for 3 cases for the 1st case , output force F2 should be F2=A2/A1 x F1 , by pascal's principle , what about output forces of F3 and F4 ? can be same as F2 ? how i calculate them ? thanks
  15. C

    Lifting power at the bottom of the ocean?

    Hello, I'm a little confused about water pressure at extreme depths. Let's say that you attached a 100 lb. weight to a barrel, and the barrel had barely enough buoyancy to be able to just hold that weight at the surface (see Figure 1.) Then, you took the same barrel and you put it at the...
  16. S

    Newton's law problem: Helicopter lifting a box with a rope

    Forces: Box--> W(weight) and T(tension) Rope-->T1(reaction of T) and T2(because of the helicopter) So first i calculated Weight: W=mg=400*10=4000N In order to find the acceleration i should use Newton's 2nd law so: (Box) : T - W = ma T - 4000=400a The problem is with the rope...
  17. nuckshuck11

    B Lifting an object with a mass difference of just 1kg

    Hello, can anyone help me out with this? If i want to lift an object that weights 100kg and I am going to do it with a 101kg of force (990,81 N ). Then my acceleration would be; a = F/m a= 990,81N / 101kg = 9,9081 m/s2 but gravity is pulling it down so then I am acually accelerating it with...
  18. H

    Car top boat loader: What is the lifting weight?

    BACKGROUND: I'm thinking of building a flat bottom Jon boat. We don't have room for a boat trailer so I want to load the boat on top of our 2019 Honda Odyssey van. Without a trailer, the boat can be stored on a side against our hollow tile wall. The dimensions of the boat will be: 12 feet...
  19. W

    Is the 680J mentioned in this problem a red herring?

    Am I right in thinking the 680J thing is a red herring? Even using the author's method of "same work required in either case" (ie =mgh in both cases) we still end up cancelling h and getting $$F=\frac{mg\sin \theta}{\cos \phi}\ge mg\sin \theta=320$$ etc. I.e. no need for 680J. Maybe I am wrong?
  20. J

    Work done on an Object - Pulling a wagon while lifting up at an angle

    Juri is tugging her wagon behind her on the way to... wherever her wagon needs to go. The wagon repair shop. She has a trek ahead of her--five kilometers--and she's pulling with a force of 200 Newtons. If she's pulling at an angle of 35 degrees to the horizontal, what work will be exerted on the...
  21. stphnls

    Crane Lifting a Car -- Find the Work Done

    W= Fd W= 3NX1.20m W= 3.6 J is the work done by the crane W=Fd W=0.6Nx1.20m W=0.72 J is the work done by the car I have no idea how to solve the c, I am thinking at first that the work done by the crane and the car are zero because cos 90 is zero and there are perpendicular to each other. I...
  22. B

    Lifting a survivor into a helicopter with a rope

    We have 2 forces affecting the rope: 1. Gravitational force of the body ##=mg## and 2. Force of air = Force of drag= ##F_{AIR}##. The length of the rope is shortening with the velocity ##v_k##. So to figure out the angle ##\theta## I wrote: ##R##= force of rope ##R_x = F_{AIR}## ##R_y = mg##...
  23. T

    Moments Question (ENGAA 2019) -- Cable and Winch Lifting a Drawbridge

    The correct answer is 'B'. I would like some clarification, in regard to the forces that exist in this moments problem. General Queries: 1) Is there friction acting on the hinge in a downward direction (parallel to the wall)? Does the ramp being "smoothly hinged" to the wall mean there is no...
  24. trenton420l

    Lifting with Air: A Compact Board for the Future

    I want the board to use air to lift itself of with the coanda effect which is when air sticks at the bottom of somthing and proppels it upwards along with specially designed heliblades.l and I want somthing to cover tge blades and make it safe and I want it be compact like back invite future or...
  25. DaveC426913

    Tethered aircraft lifting power, low gee world

    I may have written myself into a corner. I am not looking forward to your answers. It involves the very core of my story, so I can't be coy with the deets. I know there are way too many factors for proper analysis, just looking for rough ideas. There are a couple of parts to this, I'll start...
  26. Hamiltonian

    Two pulleys lifting a mass in parallel

    if the ends P and Q are being pulled down with a uniform speed its acceleration is zero and hence the Tension in the string will also be zero and if this is the case which force will make the block of mass M rise? is this a fatal flaw in the question?
  27. reg326j

    Building Small Lifting Device with Kohree Motor

    I am trying to build a device that will push up a small piece of wood (attached to a weight) from its’ base to support 10 pounds. I would only need to move 1 to 2 inches. My device would be about 1 - 2 feet wide. I would use perhaps this motor: Kohree 12V DC Gear Motor 30RPM Small High Torque...
  28. Yashi234

    Max lifting capacity for an average human adult

    I have situation where i have drawn a concept with 1 sheet covering width of box for model. But now i need to draw up the manufacturing drawings and it needs to lifted and assembled by 2 people. So i need to know if person weighs 70 kg how much weight they can lift without using mechanical aid...
  29. Yashi234

    Can a Pulley System Replace Hydraulic Rams for Mechanical Lifting Without Power?

    I thought of using hydraulic Ram n actuators but was informed no power available on some site. I am thinking if we can use pulley mechanism from back that connects to top of overhead. I hv modified the container n attached screenshot of how it has to be. Please help if you know of a way to lift...
  30. jamesdhurai

    Lifting height of a box in a truck going over a speed bump

    hey guys need to know the way to find the solution to the problem. Consider a truck which is traveled in a speed of 60km per hour. A package weighs 50 kg is placed inside the truck with side supports to arrest the movement in x and y direction. But the top movement (z axis) is not arrested...
  31. F

    Question About Rotational Forces when Lifting Weights

    Hello, apologies if this is the wrong forum to post this. I have a question related to fitness. When holding a barbell overhead, sometimes it can spin due to poor timing, flexibility, etc. However, I notice it is significantly harder to counter the barbell's spin when holding it with a narrow...
  32. kyphysics

    Is Lifting Lower Weights Necessary to Keep Shape?

    If a person lifts weights at a particular level (by level I mean the weight amount for each exercise) and wants to keep his or her current "shape," then is there any reason that person ought to left lower levels? For example, let's say you curl 10 lbs. of dumbbells and like the figure you've...
  33. T

    Lifting Arrangement: Inner Slings Capacity Question

    Hi guys, Just an easy question. Looking at the lifting arrangement below -Do you know if the inner slings (attached towards middle of the beam) works as much as the external ones? Cheers!
  34. R

    Two movable pulleys lifting a mass

    I solved the last part of the previous question, But I got no idea how to start solving this question Like how the rope is being attached, is it attached to the inner disk or the outer one.
  35. Juanmdq

    Simple problem for experts.... (work done lifting weights at the Gym)

    Hi everyone! I know this is probably a really easy problem for you guys but I want to estimate how much energy a person uses when it goes to the gym. The joules or watts needed to move the weight. Let's say for example when a person is doing overhead press and lifts 50kg 40cm up and then 40cm...
  36. G

    Burst valve obligation on hydraulic lifting cylinder

    Hi everyone, I heard that there is a regulation\obligation that requires burst valve installation on lifting hydraulic cylinders. My questions are: Is this requirement apply to all lifting appliances or just appliances involve with personel lifting ? Is this requirement apply to forklift...
  37. S

    Automatic Lid Opener for a Lifting Box

    Please find the attached drawing showing detail of my requirement. I need to lift a box on a wood table, which opens its lid while its lifted. I am able to make the box lifts upwards. Now my requirement is to get a proper solution to smoothly open the lid whole the box is lifted. The lifting...
  38. M

    Need to calculate work -- Lifting and then sliding a box....

    Homework Statement To lift a box it needs 250N force (F). How much work (A) has to be done to lift it at height (h) 1.2m and to slide it horizontaly (l) 1.2m. Coefficient of friction is 0.2 (μ) F = 250N h = 1.2m l = 1.2m μ = 0.2 A = ? on both situations 2. Homework Equations A = F * h A = F *...
  39. OWN9494

    Misc. Lifting vehicles with 4 points of contact

    Hello all. Just a quick fyi...I have never taken a physics class although I did want to in high school (many years ago). I am just looking for an answer to a very complicated (yet simple looking on the outside) problem I am having. In my job (towing 13 years) I use physics daily even though I...
  40. J

    How Does Hill's Law Affect Lifting Different Weights?

    Homework Statement https://imgur.com/a/OLPyMfK Homework Equations F=ma W=F*d W=T2 - T1The Attempt at a Solution For part A i figured it must be E because that is the only one that goes to 0 as the hit says. but nothing about this problem makes any sense to me. Where it says "You notice...
  41. P

    How to find the normal force of a car jack lifting a car

    Homework Statement A car is lifted vertically by a jack placed at the car's rear end 40cm off the central axis, so that the weight of the car is supported by the jack and the two front wheels. The distance between the front wheels is 1.60m, the distance from the axis connecting the two wheels...
  42. D

    Suitable Motor Selection for Lifting a Part using a Beam

    Hello I am new to this forum. I need to lift a part with the use of a motor and was looking for some advise in selecting a suitable one. The part being lifted weighs 275kg and is being lifted using lugs at one end of the part. The part is a total length of 2291mm and the location for holes in...
  43. C

    The concept of a force lifting a weight and the work done

    if I apply a force constant F=100N en ##y## direction to a body of mass 2kg, it is elevated 3m and I know that the force of gravity is in ##y## direction too. What is the work that I did? I think: ##W_{me}=(F_{me}-F_{g})\times 3## it is correct? and the work made by gravity is "0".
  44. bob012345

    How much air flow is required for lifting a wing?

    Given a wing that lifts a plane moving through it at velocity V, how do I figure the minimum volume of air flow necessary to lift the same wing if the plane is still and the air is blown over it? Would moving that volume of air over the wing artificially require more power than what is required...
  45. Cardinalmont

    Work Lifting Things With and Without Torque

    If I lift a 1kg broom stick 1m when holding it from its center of mass, I will have done 9.8J of work and the broomstick would have gained 9.8J of potential energy. If I were instead to lift it from one end I would have to exert a much larger force due to torque. Lifting this same 1kg broomstick...
  46. S

    Where could one buy an electromagnet for lifting 200kg

    Years ago my father had an electromagnet he used for children's science demos. It was powered by a little 9 volt battery. He would attach a rope to the magnet and another to a steel plate. He would then have the kids try to pull the magnet apart via tug-of-war. He also brought out his magnet at...
  47. Chris Lyddon

    What's the difference between pushing/lifting a weight?

    Hi, I am working on a project where the normal process has been to push a single linear plain away from a given area. I am now considering lifting the single linear plain away but wondered about the physical dynamics when comparing pushing to lifting something. In the image:- A. Represents...
  48. Alyssa Eiger

    How to calculate the Work (Joules) of lifting a book

    1. I'm trying to calculate work it takes to lift 4 books, and stack them on top of each other in a 20 cm high stack. The problem reports: - 5 books are lying on the ground. They are each: 2kg, 4cm thick. Using the formula for Potential Energy (mgh), my calculations reflect it takes 8J: - Book...
  49. K

    Tyres of a car lifting when turning left sharply....

    Homework Statement Why do the left wheels of a car rise when it takes a sharp left turn (that is it lurches towards the right)? Homework Equations $$a_c= V^2/R$$The Attempt at a Solution I started by imagining the car as being a part of a very large ring, dx. Since it's taking a left turn...
  50. P

    Lifting a Man with 100m^3 of Helium

    Hi, Reading about different ways to lift a human being, I've come to realize the easiest is simply manipulating density as follows: Denisty of Air at STP: 1.20 kg/m^3 Density of He at STP: 0.000179 kg/m^3 Therefore for every cubic metre (m^3) of air displacement, lift achieved is ~1.2 kg/m^3...