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Light speed and gravitational matrix

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    Light appears to travel at a constant velocity in a constant medium/matrix. According to Einstein, gravity is the opposing force of displaced space/time matrix by mass. The more mass, the more the gravitational displacement.

    Light is "bent" around massive objects.

    Shapiro? says there is a "time lag" of light passing around massive objects.


    Why did the propagation of light in a matrix theory die?

    Why can't the propagation matrix be the same gravitational matrix?

    Why can't the time lag be accounted for by the slowing of light in a denser matrix?
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    Not sure what this "matrix theory" you are referring to is, but time dilation is often tested in a vacuum, so it is very clearly independent of a transmission medium.
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    not at all clear to me as I don't know how you would evacuate gravity
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    Gravity is not a transmission medium. When Russ talks about transmission medium, he's talking about like glass, or water, or air that the light has to pass through.
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