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Linear combination of two numbers

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    I wonder how to find linear combination of 2 numbers, that is: ax+by=t, with t=m*GCD(a,b), and m,a,b [itex]\in[/itex] Z. Find x,y.
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    1) Apply the euclidean algorithm to find the gcd

    2) After you finish 1, go BACK and get your expression


    $$gcd(24,15)=3\Longrightarrow \begin{align*}24=&1\cdot 15+9\\15=&1\cdot 9+6\\9=&1\cdot 6+3\\6=&2\cdot 3\end{align*}$$

    We know go back on the above algorithm (from the last line with a non-zero residue):

    $$3=9-6=9-(15-9)=2\cdot 9-15=2(24-15)-15=2\cdot 24+(-3)\cdot 15$$

    and thus [itex]\,2\cdot 24+(-3)\cdot 15=3\,[/itex]

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    Ok, now I understand. Thanks a lot.
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