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A Liquid Scintillation Counter using U-238 to detect neutrons

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    I'm trying to make a LSC with U-238 (non-aqueous form) dipped in the scintillating cocktail to detect fast neutrons (no thermals or epithermals, only fast) from a Cf-252 source. How do I calculate the wavelength emerging from the cocktail (assuming U-238 does not react with the cocktail)? Also, how do I calculate the light collection efficiency, and the number of photoelectrons hitting the photocathode?

    All the help that I can get, much much appreciated!
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    I don't understand the geometry. Don't the neutrons get moderated in the LSC before absorption in the 238?

    You can't calculate the wavelength emerging from the cocktail, but you can look it up in a paper, or it may be built into some of the modeling programs like PENELOPE or GEANT.
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