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Liquid Scintillation Counter w/ fast neutron detectin isotop

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    I'm trying to make a LSC with U-238 (non-aqueous form) dipped in the scintillating cocktail to detect fast neutrons (no thermals or epithermals, only fast) from a Cf-252 source. How do I calculate the wavelength emerging from the cocktail (assuming U-238 does not react with the cocktail)? Also, how do I calculate the light collection efficiency, and the number of photoelectrons hitting the photocathode?

    All the help that I can get, much much appreciated!
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    Does one know the expect emissions from the scintillator?

    Does one have a spectrometer or access to one?

    What is the geometry of the source with respect to the scintillator, and of the scintillator to the PM detector?
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    Thanks for your reply!

    The expect emissions are about 350 nm wavelength.

    I have access to The PMT, oscilloscope, counter/timer.

    The source is Cf-252, in a reactor beam port, and the scintillator is a 1.5 in X 1.5 in diameter vial, attached with optical grease to a photo multiplier tube.
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