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Homework Help: Lissajous figures circle problem

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    Show that the two inputs given by x = Asin(wt) and y = Acos(wt) would display a circle of radius A on the display of an oscilloscope?

    2*pi*f = w

    This is a bonus lab question i am supposed to look online and research how to do but cant find anything that explains it well. Can anyone please help? Thanks!!!
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    Re: cirlce

    Circles are pretty complicated. Have you ever seen that demo where a wheel is rolled along the ledge below the chalkboard and a piece of chalk on the turning wheel makes a graph on the board? That graph of its height is a sine wave.

    In math theory, you always talk about the unit circle. The x coordinate on the unit circle is cos(A) and the y coord is sin(A), right? Imagine the point moving around the circle so its angle is A = wt. That should give you pretty much the same equations you were given for the scope.
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    Re: cirlce

    The problem described is an example of Lissajous figures.Try googling.
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