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List of Quantum phenomenon effects

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    Hello everyone, sorry to bother you. I was just looking around for a list of all the Quantum phenomenon effects and couldn't find one quickly.

    I know two of them such as tunnelling and locking but the rest of the ones I've heard of I can't remember. Also there may be ones I don't know about.

    So do you reckon here on this forum we could make a list?
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    What do you mean by complete list? It's hard to find anything in everyday life that's not a quantum effect, starting from the stability of the matter surrounding us (and including ourselves ;-)).
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    By a complete list I guess I mean known things such as Quantum Verb. So for example I just remembered one, Quantum Entanglement. You know things that are general phenomenon related to Quantum Mechanics.

    Thank you for getting the ball rolling :-)
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    Quantum super position that's another one. Ok I think this thread is done now, it didn't really work. You may lock or delete it. :wink:
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    My my, why so impatient? It's been posted for a total of 5 hours so far on a Saturday...:smile:

    What is the context of the question? Why do you want to put together such a list?
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    Here's a few quantum nouns and verbs off the top of my head (including those already mentioned):

    Quantum bounce
    Quantum chaos
    Quantum computation
    Quantum data compression
    Quantum data locking (quantum enigma machine)
    Quantum decoherence
    Quantum dense coding
    Quantum entanglement
    Quantum illumination (in quantum cryptography)
    Quantum interference (quantum diffraction)
    Quantum jumps (collapse)
    Quantum Key Distribution (in quantum cryptography)
    Quantum noise (see quantum uncertainty)
    Quantum non-demolition measurement
    Quantum nonlocality
    Quantum one-time pad
    Quantum state tomography
    Quantum steering
    Quantum superposition
    Quantum teleportation
    Quantum tunneling
    Quantum uncertainty (of the irreducible variety)
    Quantum wave-particle duality (quantum interference)
    Quantum zero-point energy

    Hope this helps:)
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    I think the OP has a trauma after two of his older posts got closed.
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    Here you go... some, anyway...

    Also, here ... :oldwink:
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    Hey guys, don't worry, thanks for the contribution, I bought a physics dictionary.
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    I would like to add quantum phase transitions. Quantum phase transitions are caused by quantum fluctuations at T=0 which occur at a critica value of a some parameter.

    For example, the transverse Ising model in 1+1d is a 1d Ising chain which is coupled to a transverse field. The quantum fluctuations are caused by the fact that Sx and Sz don't commute. When the field is zero, the system is in the ordered state but at a critical value of the field, it becomes a quantum paramagnet. In this case, there is only an ordered phase at T=0. However, the effects of the quantum critical point strongly influence the behavior of the system at finite T. The transverse Ising model in d dimensions maps onto the classical Ising model in d+1 dimensions. The quantum gap maps to the inverse classical correlation length.

    Some more specific examples: superfluidity/superconductivity, IQHE/FQHE, Hawking radiation, emergent emergent gauge fields,
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