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Lithium-6 Hydride verses Lithium-7 Hydride

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    Does Lithium-6 Hydride give up hydrogen at a lower temperature than Lithium-7 Hydride? I am trying to verify a statement made by Bob Lazar. I have found information on Lithium-6 deuteride but not Lithium-6 hydride.
    I haven't learned how to post the links correctly yet. Sorry:confused: But one was to his youtube movie and his hydrogen Corvette.

    Being new to the forum, I guess I have stepped on some toes already. It was unintended. But I am not interested in speculation only hard science. I have been producing hydrogen through electrolysis daily since 2008. My searches always seem to end me up with stacks of information on deuteride but not hydride. I will be grateful to anyone who can point me in the direction I am exploring.
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    Well I can help with how to post links.
    The link you want to post is the link shown in your browser which is showing the URL you want to link to.
    Highlight this link, then use 'Copy' on that, then use 'Paste' to include it in your message.
    How to Copy/Paste depends on what device and OS you are using.
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