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Lithium Dioxide Cold Fusion Reactor model, is it feasible?

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    i'm leaning towards sustainable and renewable energy sources, upon seeing the Ironman film of Jean Favreau, i come to theory that maybe the arc reactor that Stark industries manufactured and designed is quite feasible through cold fusion reaction... is it possible? if it is, please provide any supporting documents (PDF files of experiments or thesis of the past). it will be greatly appreciated.

    out of curiosity... -wildcard01-
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    No! Arc and cold do not go together. The arc reactor, particularly the one used by IronMan is science fiction.
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    oh ok, do anyone have a feasible report for any arc reactor technology or the like, supporting documents would be greatly appreciated...
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    Vanadium 50

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    As said before, this is science fiction.
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    To be more specific, it is technobabble. A collection of scientific sounding words that don't actually mean anything as they were just thrown together by some writers because they sound cool.
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