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Automotive Load Spectrum and excited frequency

  1. Apr 11, 2016 #1
    Hi all!
    I have the following spectrum for a signal force:


    and this is a zoom in the range of interest:


    Can I state that this force is capable of exciting the natural frequency of the structure ( in the range 5-30Hz) or the force amplitude in this range is too low compared to the peak (3298.7N)?
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    What is being graphed force and time? A force can excite an objects natural freq if it acts close to that freq as for how much depends on your transfer function, as a forced vibration approaches a natural freq there will be resonance and it will blow up
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    Oh i see the graph better now, no this force would not excite a building's natural freq of 5-30 hz

    You can see even at 5hz you don't even have half a newton so that's about 5 lbs pushing that building compared to like 30000 lbs i would assume that to be negligible unless its a particularly shakey building

    Edit: Whoops i think you didn't mean a building but same thing
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