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Logarithm problem, differences!

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    I feel so dumb. I cannot figure out this relationship for the life of me.

    pH= -log[H+]

    Imagine 2 concentrations. If the hydronium ([H+]) concentration differs by a factor of 2, it means the pH of the 2 solutions differs by -log √2


    So basically, what they're saying is

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    where did you get the sqrt(2) from?

    they actually differ by the log(2).

    2 * 0.05 = 0.1 and in log form: log(2) + log(0.05) = log(0.1)

    hence log(2) = log(0.1) - log(0.05)
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    Okay....after more thought, I am convinced my solutions manual is wrong. I hate how many errors are in these things. Thanks jedishrfu.
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