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Logic puzzle solution without guesswork?

  1. May 12, 2012 #1
    Here's the puzzle:

    Now, I did this fairly quickly with the right tools(another use for excel found).

    However along the way I had to make 2 assumptions/random guesses:
    The yellow vs dunhill in houses 1 or 3
    The dane vs tea in houses 2 or 5

    Question being, can this be solved without guessing?
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    1) The puzzle is reasonably easy to solve and, of course, no guessing's needed. In fact, some puzzle and crosswords magazines around

    the globe usually publish puzzles like this one.

    2) That Einstein wrote this puzzle is almost surely a lie, and even more the unjustified claim
    that only 2% of people could solve it.

    3) This puzzle appears periodically en diverse forums, as spam letters in e-mail and etc. It changes very little over time.

    I know I got it in e-mail at least as soon as 2001.

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    1. Please disregard all pop-culture mumbo-jumbo surrounding the puzzle. I do not much care for it's source and the like.

    2. Maybe I should have specified further - how is it solvable without guesswork?

    How I did it is with a table, where beyond the above mentioned guesses, it was all a matter of putting the round peg in the round hole.
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