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Logistic growth model for cell proliferation with agents

  1. Nov 9, 2011 #1
    Hello community,

    in project group im doing some in which I definately need your help.
    Basically what Im intending to do is to examine the cell proliferation
    of cell of the colorectal carcinoma. The data I will receive is from
    the xCELLigence system and generates so called cell indices, basically over
    a resistence measurement. These are values for approximately 72 hrs with
    the intervall of 5 minues. Meaning I would have about 864 cell indices.

    In addition during the experiments inhibitors or stimulators will be added
    on to the cells, resulting in a change of the growth.

    However for the modelling via differential equation with the logistic model,
    I would further need to include parameters for the strength of the agent
    and maybe taking the half-life into consideration. Such that the growth can
    be identified at every time.

    So basically after treatment the growth curve could show 4 characteristics
    in respect to the control:
    1) curve shifts on the x-axis to the right (inhibition),
    2) curve shifts on the x-axis to the left (stimulation), which is basically
    a delayed growth and accerlerated grwoth.
    -curve shifts on the y-axis up (stimulation)
    -curve shifts on the y-axis down (inhibition)
    resulting in a higher and lower growth rate during a curve.

    Could I now just express a value for the agent and the half-life as part of an
    exponential grwoth into the equation and do I need to distinguish between
    inhibitor and stimulator? Or how can i express stagnation.
    I have right now no clue how to approach this task. Hope somebody can give me hint
    or literature?

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  3. Nov 10, 2011 #2
    Or maybe it is possible to ignore inhibition and stimulation?
    After all I only need to derive a growth factor over a certain time intervall.
    The difference I could calculate in reference to the control.
    In this case the logistic function should be sufficient?
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