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Need advice applying a logistic regression to model school data

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    To determine whether schools are increasing the amount of students meeting or
    exceeding standards, I obtained a MEAP database reporting the amount of students that
    scored in the met or exceed standards range during years 2005-2009, for grades 3-5. I then
    graphed the data for using numbers 1 through 5 representing the years since the data
    started in the x axis and and the number of students that met or exceeded standards in the y axis.

    I am trying to look at progress over time not just as a linear increase, but as something that might speed up then slow down. In particular, any measurement like % at-or-above-basic-proficiency is limited to between 0% and 100% seems to apply here. A simple model for how it might grow in time would be

    f(t) = 1 / (1 + b*e^(-a*t) )

    -I tried graphing this for simple values like b=1, a=1 on the range t=-2 to t=+2)
    Notice it starts out concave-up on the left, and then turns to be concave-down for larger values of t.

    I am trying to ask are schools on the concave-up portion of the curve, or the concave-down portion?

    I think I could get a partial answer by including a t^2 term in a regression model, then look at the sign of its coefficient--though there are some dangers, like if the coefficient is positive we might be on the downslope of the parabola, with scores decreasing in time! By the way, I am using t=5 meaning the year 2005.
    Overall, I am trying to use logistic regression but I am lost on how to try to apply a non linear program of some sort to find a good model.

    any advice?
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