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Lookin for cool ideas for a Bachelor project!

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    *Looking for cool ideas for a Bachelor project!*

    Hi everyone!
    We are a group of 4 mechanical engineering students that will be doing a Bachelor project for a local hydraulic-systems company. We are just thinking of/looking for ideas...it will not be produced so cost is not a concern. Pretty much free to do whatever.

    Usually the bachelor groups are made up of 1-2 mechanical engineers, a programmer, and a mathematician so they were able to do pretty much anything…This year, being that we are only mechanical engineers we will need a project that is mainly hydraulic/mechanical. Programming/PLS will not be included.
    Does anyone have any cool/fun and challenging ideas?
    Thanks in advance!
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    Do you mean "Bachelor degree", or "bachelor" as in marital status? If the latter, the answer is simple—robotic girlfriends.
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    We're in college, no need for robotic girlfriends!! :D haha

    Saving that project for later in life :D
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