Bachelor Definition and 12 Discussions

A bachelor is a man who is not and has never been married.

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  1. N

    Physics Physics Degrees and Semiconductor Industry (IC Design?)

    Hello there, im a physics student from Germany and currently in my second semester of a Bachelor of science. Lately i have become increasingly interested in woking in the Semiconductor Industry and I am currently reading the book "But how do it Know" by J. Clark Scott and i think it is really...
  2. Alex19

    Schools Physics in Germany

    Hi everyone! I'm Alex and I just moved to Germany. I'm starting my Bachelor this October and just wanted to get some advices on German Universities for my application. For example, which uni has more focuses on Astrophysics. Or which uni is prestigious for certain fields in physics. And I...
  3. P

    Bachelor's thesis: Theoretical vs Experimental

    Hey PF, In 1 month I am going to start my Bs.c thesis. I already "have" a mentor that is willing to supervise me and a topic. The topic is Bohmian Mechanics. I know its disliked, but that's not why I am asking this question. Tbh I'm not a great student, if I don't like something I will put...
  4. L

    Engineering Which books should I buy for my college ?

    Hello. I'm going to University on this September , Bachelor in Aeronautical Engineering. I want to know Which are the best books for basic aeronautical engineering?
  5. Biscuit

    Programs Program Guidance for a Marine Biologist

    Hello, I am looking to change my major to become a marine biologist. As I view the different programs that are out there I have come into a couple of conflicts I was hoping you guys could help me with. The first being I have the option to either major in biology and get a masters in marine...
  6. P

    Programs Completing a Bachelors degree without a laptop?

    Hello PF, Im going through some financial difficulties and i need some money, i have a gaming laptop that i can sell and that would help me greatly. I've been considering buying a 10 inch tablet and save the rest of the money... Has anyone done this? going through a bachelors degree using just...
  7. U

    Job Skills Which job can I do with a bachelor only?

    I have a bachelor in physics from the EPFL (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) but can't to continue for a master for certain reasons. How would you suggest to find a job with this bachelor only? I am interested in getting a job anywhere in a French, English or German speaking country.
  8. A

    Math Bachelor's, Masters and Phd's sequence for Math & Physics

    Hello, It seems like mostly, the masters degree is skipped for those who are seeking a Phd degree (from Bachelor's to Phd directly). I'm in my fourth year as undergraduate, studying physics. I like both math and physics and I really want to master them both. The thing is that my university...
  9. Mahmoud Hamsho

    BS or MS in EE after physics BS?

    Hey, I will be graduating soon with a BS in Physics but have recently developed a interest to pursue a career in the EE field. I was planning to just head to a Masters program in EE, but the more I read up I am realizing that there is a difference in having a BS in EE and MS in EE. I am...
  10. Domenico94

    Graduate carreer

    HI everyone. I'm a student of communication systems engineering in Italy, doing his year of bachelor. What i wanted to ask, to all of you, was a doubt which I had during the last few months : choosing a carreer in Physics, or in Engineering, after getting my bachelor's degree in Engineering...
  11. A

    B.S. in physics, Masters in Aerospace Engineering?

    Hi, I'm a high school senior and I want to study Aerospace Engineering but my local university doesn't have it and going to another university is not an option, so what should my B.S. be? Physics? or an engineering that is somehow related to aerospace? Plus, does Masters in Aerospace Engineering...
  12. P

    Programs Alternative master's degree with a bachelor in physics

    I'm in my second year of my physics bachelor's (in the Netherlands) and my average score is about an 8.5. I like physics, but... I've already realized that an academic career in physics is not at all what i want to pursue. (eg. no theoretical physics/experimental physics in a lab). Basically...