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A bachelor is a man who is not and has never been married.

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  1. B

    Courses I want a PhD in Physics, having a Bachelor in math

    I know that I need to satisfy the core requirements for a Bachelor's in physics and I have the ability and desire to do it. I live in California.. Here, and I believe almost everywhere, public universities do not allowe enrollment in a second Bachelor's, even online. Private universities are...
  2. N

    Physics Physics Degrees and Semiconductor Industry (IC Design?)

    Hello there, im a physics student from Germany and currently in my second semester of a Bachelor of science. Lately i have become increasingly interested in woking in the Semiconductor Industry and I am currently reading the book "But how do it Know" by J. Clark Scott and i think it is really...
  3. A

    Bachelor of Science for a career in commercial space technology and business

    Summary:: I would like to get a career in commercial space technology and business and that is why i started my 2nd bachelors in aeronautics at the age of 30 three years early. I am about to complete my bachelors in aeronautical science from Embry riddles world wide. I don't know what next to...
  4. W

    Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science

    Hello all! I am currently in my fourth year of an undergraduate physics degree. I am enrolled in a Bachelor of Science plan with Astrophysics/Astronomy and Computer Science minors. I just picked up the computer science minor this past summer so I am starting fresh in programming 1 right now...
  5. Gjmdp

    Admissions Can I apply to a US PhD program with an UK Bachelor degree?

    In many british universities, like the University of Cambridge, the UK bachelor (1st class), with a duration of 3 years, is the minimum accepted requirement to apply for a PhD. This is, some PhD students only hold a UK bachelor, without a Master's degree. I was wondering if a british bachelor...
  6. J

    Programs Graduate Physics after MsC res in Chemical Biology and Bachelor in Biology

    I am 25 and I have graduated from Oxford university in Chemical Biology but strongly believe that I want to do Physics all my future life. I did my Masters by research on the department of Chemistry and I was co-supervised by Professor in Organic Chemistry and Professor in Physical Chemistry. So...
  7. samya__

    Schools Can you do a Masters in Physics with a Bachelor degree in Architecture?

    Hello, I'm an undergraduate student at Cairo University and I'm about to start studying Architecture this September. I really had no chance to choose to study Physics at an undergrad level. My question is whether it is possible in the US or in Europe to do a masters degree in physics without...
  8. E

    Other Computational physics bachelor project any ideas?

    I am coming closer to finishing my undergraduate studies, and thus, I need to write a bachelor project on a certain topic. There are millions of topics, and fields to choose from, and I simply don't know what to choose. I did some thinking, and research, and realized that the most feasible area...
  9. Alex19

    Schools Physics Study in Germany: Tips for Alex

    Hi everyone! I'm Alex and I just moved to Germany. I'm starting my Bachelor this October and just wanted to get some advices on German Universities for my application. For example, which uni has more focuses on Astrophysics. Or which uni is prestigious for certain fields in physics. And I...
  10. P

    Bachelor's thesis: Theoretical vs Experimental

    Hey PF, In 1 month I am going to start my Bs.c thesis. I already "have" a mentor that is willing to supervise me and a topic. The topic is Bohmian Mechanics. I know its disliked, but that's not why I am asking this question. Tbh I'm not a great student, if I don't like something I will put...
  11. R

    Studying How to get better grades in my Physics Bachelor Studies?

    Hello everyone! I’m physics student and I have been getting mostly C’s and B‘s and it doesn’t please me at all. Yes, I demand a lot of myself, but is just because I love physics and I want to be the best in what I love. 1-When I’m studying usually , I read my notes and then I do some exercises...
  12. M

    Engineering Bachelor of Nuclear engineering, Masters in Mechanical?

    Hi, I am just about to finish my bachelor of nuclear engineering, my aim is to work in the industry " energy companies " ,I want to be a CFD engineer, where I can work in both the nuclear field and outside the nuclear field. Is a masters in mechanical engineering a good idea ? if yes, any...
  13. M

    Engineering Almost done with bachelor of nuclear engineering, now what ?

    The field I am willing to work on is thermal hydraulics, I am more into the industry than academic work. I am now lost . the 2 options I have is either get a masters in nuclear engineering or maybe in mechanical engineering, or go into the industry and work in energy companies " which is hard to...
  14. L

    Engineering Which books should I buy for my college ?

    Hello. I'm going to University on this September , Bachelor in Aeronautical Engineering. I want to know Which are the best books for basic aeronautical engineering?
  15. N

    Other From math bachelor to Physics master

    Hello, I am a freshman majoring in math and recently I got interested in physics, but the problem is that I didn't learn physics in high school, so basically I don't know anything about physics. Despite this is it possible for me to learn physics on my own and then get accepted to physics...
  16. E

    Programs Two bachelor of science degrees, or a master’s degree?

    As I’m doing more research and talking to my college advisor I learned that I don’t need a master’s degree to get into grad school and earn a doctorate, and that my field of study (Biomedical Physics) has various common classes with the Advanced Physics major. Would it be worth more to take an...
  17. A

    The benefit of having Bachelor of Arts and Sci both

    I'm about to graduate from an Art University and passionate to study physics afterwards. do you know any people doing this kind of a major shift and how it resulted? second: do you think having opposite backgrounds can create a valuable impact in the field as a rare situation somehow? third: if...
  18. Biscuit

    Programs Program Guidance for a Marine Biologist

    Hello, I am looking to change my major to become a marine biologist. As I view the different programs that are out there I have come into a couple of conflicts I was hoping you guys could help me with. The first being I have the option to either major in biology and get a masters in marine...
  19. P

    Programs Completing a Bachelors degree without a laptop?

    Hello PF, Im going through some financial difficulties and i need some money, i have a gaming laptop that i can sell and that would help me greatly. I've been considering buying a 10 inch tablet and save the rest of the money... Has anyone done this? going through a bachelors degree using just...
  20. R

    Career advice -- What can I do with a Master's in Theoretical Physics and a Bachelor of Computer Science?

    Hi everyone, What can I do with a master's in theoretical physics and a bachelor of computer science ? I am in Canada, I had to do a master's before a PhD. I just decided to do something else than physics afterwards. I had the opportunity to do a PhD in computer science, in medical imaging...
  21. W

    Engineering Bachelor of Engineering -- Importance of Grades

    Hi, I am a 3rd year on my B.Eng Chemical Engineering in the UK. I would like to know if possible, if big employer companies,worldwide, look just at the final degree mark, or at all marks from the transcript? What about for smaller companies? Thank you, William
  22. G

    Physics Will a 3 year bachelor of science degree create problems?

    Hello, I am currently in India and have completed the standard 12 years of schooling and eventually want to get into Physics academia and research. Now I currently have a choice between a three year standard science degree(BSc honours in Physics) and a four year engineering degree(BTech in...
  23. U

    Job Skills Which job can I do with a bachelor only?

    I have a bachelor in physics from the EPFL (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) but can't to continue for a master for certain reasons. How would you suggest to find a job with this bachelor only? I am interested in getting a job anywhere in a French, English or German speaking country.
  24. M

    Engineering Masters in mechanical engineering after a bachelor in NE

    Hi, is it logicial to get a masters in mechanical engineering after a bachelor of nuclear engineering ? is that going to give more options when it comes to applying for jobs ? expanding opportunities ?
  25. F

    A good bachelor project problem in classical field theory

    Hey, I am about to do my bachelor project in physics and I really want to dive into the classical theory of fields, this could be General Relativity (GR) and/or Electrodynamics (ED). I have some books on the subject: Barut, ED and classical theory of fields and particles, and Landau&Lifshitz...
  26. Stella.Physics

    Programs Bachelor to PhD: Can I Apply in Europe?

    Hello, this year I am getting my Bachelor in Physics. Do you know if it's possible to apply for a PhD, without getting a Master, in Europe? The field I am interested in is General Relativity and compact object binary systems, my thesis is on the same topic. Thanks
  27. A

    Math Bachelor's, Masters and Phd's sequence for Math & Physics

    Hello, It seems like mostly, the masters degree is skipped for those who are seeking a Phd degree (from Bachelor's to Phd directly). I'm in my fourth year as undergraduate, studying physics. I like both math and physics and I really want to master them both. The thing is that my university...
  28. Gjmdp

    Programs Is it worth it to get a Bachelor of Mathematics after a PhD in Physics?

    Everybody knows Mathematics it's an important field in every Science; and in Physics even more. So, if you have a PhD in Physics, for example Astrophysics; is it worthly to get a degree in Mathematics? I know that maybe there's some courses that would be completely useless in Physics, but you...
  29. W

    Programs Second bachelor degree in engineering

    Is it possible for any student having a bachelor's degree in engineering to pursue a second bachelor's degree in another branch of engineering? I got my first bachelor degree in chemical engineering (from Africa, low gpa for personal issues at that time). I was traying to get into master...
  30. M

    What are the job prospects for a Bachelor's in Physics in Pakistan?

    I'm from Pakistan. I'm currently in 12th grade. It's time that I decide which program to do bachelors in. My interests are always changing. I've some basic experience in computer programming. Physics has always interested me. But in the recent years I have become extremely enthusiastic about...
  31. Mahmoud Hamsho

    BS or MS in EE after physics BS?

    Hey, I will be graduating soon with a BS in Physics but have recently developed a interest to pursue a career in the EE field. I was planning to just head to a Masters program in EE, but the more I read up I am realizing that there is a difference in having a BS in EE and MS in EE. I am...
  32. C

    Foundations Recommended Math books as preparation for bachelor in math?

    For a long time I've been debating whether to study Physics or Math at university (Bachelor), but I'm going to jump into math this summer. I have this feeling that preparing for "logical thinking" and mathematical language/terminology would be a good idea, since all i have is my 3 year old...
  33. Max Genkin

    Ireland for theoretical physics [bachelor]

    I'm between Maynooth University Department of Mathematical Physics and Trinity College Dublin Undergraduate Moderatorship in Theoretical Physics Tell me, how it works when this study program...
  34. G

    Is a physics/chemistry bachelor a physicist/chemist?

    In my country we do not have an equivalent to the 3-year B.Sc that some coutries have. All the degrees have 4 years, and after that you get the first academical title and then you can do a master if you want (supposedly more specialised). Perhaps it is only a semantic question, but do you think...
  35. Domenico94

    Graduate Career: Engineering or Physics?

    HI everyone. I'm a student of communication systems engineering in Italy, doing his year of bachelor. What i wanted to ask, to all of you, was a doubt which I had during the last few months : choosing a carreer in Physics, or in Engineering, after getting my bachelor's degree in Engineering...
  36. K

    Engineering Electronic engineering bachelor, then MS in electrical?

    Hi I'm new here basically thinking about getting a degree in EE, and the school that I'm interested has electronic engineering instead. Just wondering if I do the electronic engineering bachelor, you think I can still apply for MS in electrical if I don't have background in like power and...
  37. Damian Norton

    Programs How many hours, on average, of pure learning for bachelor degree?

    Hello. I am in desperate need for advice. I have searched for advice everywhere and each time failed to obtain it. This is my last resort. Please help me and bare with me while I explain the problem. I am 28 years old guy. I have literally whole day free to pursue whatever goals I see fit...
  38. L

    Engineering Is a bachelor in Physics a good idea for Engineering?

    Hello! I am a senior High School student from Spain. The next year I'll start university, and I am full of doubts. Personally, I am absolutely fascinated about Physics. I want to study it to learn about the world, why it is like it is and so on... I have seen the subjects and I think they are...
  39. X

    Programs I may not get my bachelor degree for political reasons help

    I applied to PhD programs, have good grades and got good five really strong recommendation letters. However I may not get my Bachelor degree by may. On paper I completed all of the course requirement for my degree and so far took 132 credits. However the administration is thinking of shaving 32...
  40. A

    B.S. in physics, Masters in Aerospace Engineering?

    Hi, I'm a high school senior and I want to study Aerospace Engineering but my local university doesn't have it and going to another university is not an option, so what should my B.S. be? Physics? or an engineering that is somehow related to aerospace? Plus, does Masters in Aerospace Engineering...
  41. E

    Lookin for cool ideas for a Bachelor project

    *Looking for cool ideas for a Bachelor project!* Hi everyone! We are a group of 4 mechanical engineering students that will be doing a Bachelor project for a local hydraulic-systems company. We are just thinking of/looking for ideas...it will not be produced so cost is not a concern. Pretty...
  42. P

    Programs Alternative master's degree with a bachelor in physics

    I'm in my second year of my physics bachelor's (in the Netherlands) and my average score is about an 8.5. I like physics, but... I've already realized that an academic career in physics is not at all what i want to pursue. (eg. no theoretical physics/experimental physics in a lab). Basically...
  43. M

    What courses I have after bachelor in Software Engineering?

    I wanted to know what choices I have after finishing my bach in SWE? like what types of masters i have after SWE? And thank you.
  44. S

    Ending bachelor - Audio Spotlight

    Hi there, I am trying to finish my bachelor - meaning I have to prepare the document at the and of my studies at first bologna stage - studying Physics. Well I don't really have any good ideas on what to research - what topics, but I did manage to find out this...
  45. D

    Bachelor physics course with a large amount of modelling / simulation

    Hi guys, I am very interested in modelling and simulation as a part of a bachelor physics course. So I am searching for a physics course, as a part of 1st year bachelor study, where you do very much modelling and simulation. Can you name me some universities or universities of applied sciences...
  46. anandsingh

    Admissions Getting admission in Phd with a 3 year Bachelor Degrre?

    Hi, I am 27 years old. I have completed my B.Sc(Maths, Physics, Computer Science) in 2007. Immediately after that I have got job as a Software Engineer and worked for 2 years(2007-2009). But due to my interest in pursuing Masters in Physics. I have joined in M.Sc(Physics) in 2009 and in final...
  47. N

    Phd in physics after bachelor in computer science

    Can I get a Phd in physics after bachelor in computer science I would like know if I'll be eligible for applying to physics or applied physics PhD programs? And if yes, do I have any realistic chance of getting into one?
  48. P

    Pablo Bahler: Physics Bachelor Questions, University of Leipzig

    hello, my name is pablo bahler, I am from argentina and at the moment i am finishing first year in the physics bachelor of my university. but here the bachelor lasts 5 years so i was considering studying abroad.(university of leipzig). also i have some particular questions about the math...
  49. F

    Master of physics after bachelor in computer engineering

    Hello Guys, I am a computer engineer (B.Sc in Computer Engineering) I am 31 years old now. After this period, I discovered that I want to study physics not computer engineering. i want to ask you if i can now apply for masters of physics ? and if so, what subjects should i have before...
  50. Ascendant78

    Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science? (Pursuing PhD)

    I am trying to apply to colleges online to transfer to next year after I finish my AA. However, I am not sure if I am applying for a Bachelor of Arts or Science? I am a physics major looking to get my BA and then head on to grad school for my PhD. Not sure if that determines which I choose or...