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Looking for a Mechanical/Pump Engineer

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    I reside in Connecticut and have designed a device (on paper only) that would solve a problem I (and many others) deal with.

    I am not an engineer, nor am I going to school to be one. I just used my brain a little, and came up with a possible solution.

    A major component of the device is a fluid pump.

    So... here I am with a design on paper, and I want to sit down with an engineer and let him look it it.... run the numbers.... and simply tell me if it will work or not.

    The past 2 days I have searched for Mechanical/Pump Engineers in Connecticut, and I'm still looking for someone... which is why I'm here.

    The ideal person I am looking for would....
    - be able to tell me if my idea is feasible... without physically building anything.
    - has some experience (or at least, a desire) to work with an inventor.
    - is someone I could actually meet (so, someone in the CT area)
    - is smart and driven, of course
    - would be willing to agree to non-disclosure and all that good stuff.

    If there is no one here that is interested.... where do I find someone like this?

    Thanks for any guidance!
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    You should be able to google or look in a phone book for mechanical or HVAC engineers.
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    I guess, what I am really looking for is a reference.

    I have exhausted Google and the Phone Book. I have contacted people in the UConn Mechanical Engineering department (still waiting to hear back). I have posted on Craigslist, talked to mentors via Score.org, looked on freelance websites like ELance.... so on and so forth.

    What I know is that I am incapable of knowing who is a really good mechanical engineer, and who is a "dime a dozen".
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    Ask the candidates to provide references. Their employers, former employers, former professors, etc. should be willing to vouch for a good engineer.
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