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Looking for a website that suggests chemical equations

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    I'm looking for a website that suggests chemical equations based on a single reactant and product.
    For example if I have C2H4 as a reactant and C2H3Cl as a product, I should get

    1. C2H4 + Cl2 --> C2H3Cl + HCl

    2. C2H4 + Cl2 --> C2H4Cl2
    C2H4Cl2 --> C2H3Cl + HCl
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    Finding reactions given product and reactant is not an easy task, so while there are some searchable databases, mostly focused on organic chemistry (e.g. SciFinder and Beilstein), they are proprietary and require a subscription to access (you'd likely be able to get access through a university if you are a student, however).
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