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In summary, the speaker is looking for a statistics-related gift for their girlfriend and is seeking recommendations for cute and clever items to place on her desk or in her bedroom. They have searched online but have only found coffee mugs and t-shirts. Some potential options include mini plush normal distributions, a yarn tote bag, a cap with a statistical pun, and mathematical scarves.
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My girlfriend loves statistics, so I was thinking about getting her some kind of stat-related gift. I really don't have anything specific in mind yet though. A preliminary internet search hasn't pulled up much so far. Mostly just coffee mugs and t-shirts, neither of which are close to what I'm looking for.

I'm thinking something that she could place on her desk or in her bedroom. Something cute/fun/clever. If anyone knows of good websites/ebay stores/whatever that specialize in that sort of thing, please share!
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1. What are some cool/fun math-themed gifts for kids?

Some cool/fun math-themed gifts for kids include math puzzle games, math board games, math-themed toys like Rubik's cubes or tangrams, and books about math or math history.

2. Are there any math-themed gifts that can also be educational?

Yes, there are many math-themed gifts that can also be educational. For example, math-based building sets like LEGOs or K'NEX can help develop spatial reasoning and problem-solving skills. Also, math-based card games or apps can help improve math skills while also being entertaining.

3. What are some unique math-themed gifts for adults?

Some unique math-themed gifts for adults include math-themed mugs or t-shirts, math-based art or home decor, math-inspired jewelry, and math-related books or puzzles for adults.

4. Can you suggest any math-themed gifts for teachers?

Some math-themed gifts for teachers could include math-themed classroom decorations, math-related books or resources for their classrooms, math-based games or activities for their students, or math-inspired teacher supplies like pencils or stickers.

5. Are there any online stores or websites that specialize in math-themed gifts?

Yes, there are several online stores and websites that specialize in math-themed gifts. Some popular options include MathGeekMama, Mathnasium, and MathGifts.com. You can also find math-themed gifts on larger online retailers such as Amazon or Etsy.