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Looking for Dielectric Couplings

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    I am looking to purchase Dielectric couplings. I am located in the east coast (NY/NJ).

    I am having trouble finding these, any help is appreciated.

    Does anyone know any businesses who sold these during the mid 1990's ?
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    Dielectric universal shaft joint couplings? What shaft diameter and what torque? What about using dielectric shafts? I have seen one hold off about 750,000 volts.

    Bob S
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    thanks for your response

    I hope this will help you i am looking for ones in this context "coupling was used in an HVAC
    system" "3 inch"
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    The attached photo shows the 750,000-volt Cockroft Walton at Fermilab. The tower on the right is the Cockroft Walton. The tower at left is the high voltage shield with the ion source. At the base is a multi-horsepoawer motor. There is a vertical Lucite or Plexiglass rod, ~2" or 3" in diameter, that the motor runs to drive an alternator inside the high-voltage shield. Unfortunately, the rod is hidden from view. It was built ~1970. I do not know of anybody who remembers where it came from.

    Bob S

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