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A Dielectric loss of SiO2 layers.

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    Hello everyone,

    Where can i get dielectric loss values of very thin SiO2 layers (nm) at high frequency range (GHz).?
    i.e SiO2 oxide layer dielectric loss of MOS (metal-oxide-semiconductor).
    I searched a lot on net but i didn't find any useful result, any reference is greatly appreciated.
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    Alumina is used as a high quality radome at GHz frequencies on space craft etc so I am sure the losses of a thin film will be quite negligible. Antenna Designers Handbook, (Vol 1 or 2) Edited by Rudge, I think talks about alumina as a window material.
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    Apologies, wrong material (!) but I suspect it is very similar.
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    It depends quite a lot on how the SiO2 is deposited and the rest of the fabrication process so it is not something you can easily look up in a table, it is more the kind of thing you might find in a foundry spec sheet. "Normal" SiO2 deposited using e.g. e-beam is quite lossy. I'd say 10^-4 would be a reasonable guess for the loss tangent.

    Alumina can easily be an order of magnitude better than SiO2, but again it will depend on how it is deposited,
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