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Looking for flexible seal for oscillating thin opening

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    Hello Everyone,

    I'm looking for a sealing membrane, or comparable solution, to seal a thin opening (~15mm x 2mm) that oscillates elliptically, like in my example picture below, with a low amplitude (+/- 1mm) and frequency in the 100s - 1000s of Hz range.


    Any ideas?
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    What is the pressure and fluid?
    Nearly any seal will dampen the oscillations.
    Is that acceptable? Why not redesign so a standard seal can be used ?
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    The fluid is air and the pressure unknown at this point; however, It should not be very large, probably ~2 kPa. It will depend on the resistance of the check valve I'm going to use. I haven't been able to locate a suitable valve so I'm designing my own and it's performance is unknown atm.

    What kind of standard seal would you be talking about? Could you link an example? Maybe I could design to accommodate but it would likely affect performance adversely.
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    In the context of mechanical engineering, whenever the word 'seal' is used it's generally referring to an O ring.
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    I intended the seal itself to adhere the oscillating opening to a static interface.
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    That is not really a pressure. It is less than the clamping force needed to hold things in place.

    Your specification is insufficient. You need to show the geometry of the two parts that must be joined and sealed.

    All that can be suggested now is that you place a thick, large diameter O'ring, bigger than the aperture, to seal against a cover or backing plate. That ring will roll and flex sufficiently to isolate the oscillating movement from the unspecified component.
    What fluid fills the cavity that oscillates in width, is it water or air ? Where do you want all that energy to go ?
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