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Looking for good calculus learning website

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    Looking for good calculus teaching website

    I'm looking for any free resource (which you will most likely post in the form of a website) which you dictate as a great resource to learning calculus.

    I am currently in Calc 1, but I'm getting my rear-end handed to me. I have difficulty in understanding my textbook, but not all of the textbook. I'm looking for something that would be a great supplemental aid in learning calculus. Something like "Learning calc for dummies" would get me the basic concepts and understanding, then I apply that in terms of my textbook. Obviously the best guide would be an in-depth, easy to understand resource that could replace the textbook in most, if not all, areas.

    Anything you guys can give would be awesome!

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    Most websites are not likely to help you much; but there was one with some instructional information from someone named "Lamar", or similar name which had some helpful information. The only suggestion is to try a web search for "Lamar" and "Calculus".

    Your best route is to find alternative textbooks. Maybe you could find a ~30 year old book by Salas & Hille, or an old book by Larson & Hostetler.
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    Thank you VERY much for that site. It looks quite nice. But to clarify, I am actually looking for any free resource to help learn calc, I just assume that most of the responses I will get will be links to websites, since this is, well, the internet.

    Thanks again!
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    You can even take reference from http://online.math.uh.edu/HoustonACT/videocalculus/. It offers video tutorials on Calculus. As they're videos, their size might be large and it can take a while to download. So what you can do is, download videos of parts you're a little confused with or so. Its an excellent set of video tutorials from Department of Mathematics, University of Houston.

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