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Looking for input about internship project

  1. Jul 1, 2014 #1
    A little background first; I contacted a person at a national lab to see if he could hire me for a year between undergrad and grad school. He advised me to apply to SULI and that way we could work together for the next few months. So I did and luckily got accepted, but it seems that before he could extend me an offer, someone else did on a project that, although might be interesting, I'm not really excited about. The person I had initially contacted send me an e-mail saying that SULI does allow competing offers from different mentors, and the SULI e-mail says that if I decline I won't be given another offer.

    So now I had no choice but to accept the offer I already had. My question is (to those SULI mentors out there perhaps), can I ask the person that I will be working with for an extra project if I get bored with the first one? If so, how would you do that? Or can I ask to switch mentors?
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    I think you should work on the project assigned and do independent research into other things in your free time. Its never good to start a job and say hey if I get bored on this project can I have another one too. Instead once you start and have a chance to look around then you can figure out how interject yourself into the new project or at least keep tabs with the people in it so you'll know who to contact in the future.
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