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Looking for Material on Wavelets

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    Hi, I'm looking for a good beginner text on Wavelets. Preferably an undergraduate or early graduate level. The background material that I'm missing most is infinite dimensional vector spaces/function spaces and Fourier analysis.

    Any advice would really be appreciated!

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    Maybe this is not quite the right forum for wavelets, but there's lots of material on Gerry Kaiser's website: http://www.wavelets.com/

    For the other stuff, maybe Folland's book on Fourier analysis that Micromass recommended recently. Or if you want something with more sophisticated functional analysis, maybe try Kreyszig.
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    Neither Folland or Kreyszig covers wavelets though :frown:
    But https://www.amazon.com/Introduction-Hilbert-Spaces-Applications-Edition/dp/0122084381 is a very good book which does covers the basics of wavelets and many other applications (older editions don't have wavelets, so be sure to get a new edition). Although I have to admit that his treatment of Lebesgue integration is rather nonconventional...

    There are better functional analysis books out there, but if you're interested in seeing tons of applications then this is the best book.
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