Looking for programmable USB remote

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    I am looking for a wireless USB remote with customizable hotkeys that I can assign to launch customized macros. I haven't really found anything made specifically for that purpose. The best I came up with are wireless numeric keypads but that is still not good enough. I need something compact and I only need a few buttons.
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    Greg Bernhardt

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    Try google?
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    Duh! I've been searching on there for hours.
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    My wireless Microsoft mouse has buttons that can customized in software [for example, my middle mouse button can be used to do lots of things]. You might find something like Autohotkey useful with it if this is too limited and you need to do something fancy. I know Microsoft has a wireless presenter for PowerPoint-type stuff. I suspect it can be customized as well.
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    If you have a mobile device with Bluetooth capabilities there's "remote control" software that you can install to control a laptop, for example.

    I've seen this done with a PocketPC and an Apple laptop.
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