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Looking for software recommendations

  1. Jun 2, 2009 #1
    I have a database in Excel of MLB games for the past 10 years. It's around 22,000 games. I am looking for a program that I can use to manipulate this data, filter/sort based on certain criteria, write formulas, plot graphs, calculate regression lines, etc. I want to be able to input a few pieces of data and have it spit out graphs, equations, and regression lines quickly.

    I know Excel can do most of this but some of the calculations take a long time. I was hoping there would be a faster, more math oriented program. Would Matlab be good? My friend thought a database oriented system like SQL would work. Are there any other suggestions?
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    A SQL database could store the information, but they're not geared toward that kind of calculation.

    Maybe R?
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