Looking for the title of a book I read years ago

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Maybe you can help. Years ago I read a book. Unfortunately I can neither remeber the name of the book nor of the author.

In the Story mankind has made it to the stars with faster than light space ships..

Than they develop kind of portals that make the ships redundant. Travel by portal much faster.

Unfortunately it turns hot that these hyperspace these portals access is also our afterlife. And traveling by these portals pollutes our afterlife.

There are also some kind o alien race that can access this hyperspace by means of meditation.

The book must have come out early 90's or late 80's. Back then i felt it was not really a good book in terms of writing. However I thought the idea was kind of original.

Can any of you remember this book? I think it did not have the potential to become a classic.
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Hyperion, by Dan Simmons?
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I checked out the description of Hyperion.
No, that is not the Book I am looking for. But sounds interesting.
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Wow, there is some serious SciFi being brought up in this thread!
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@Melbourne Guy I haven't read the Hamilton books, but I have seen them on my brother's bookshelf.. So I know it is not the book I am looking for.

The book I am looking for does not play in the same league. The book should have mixed or bad reviews on Amazon. Hyperion has 4 and 1/2 stars.
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Found it: ENGINEMAN by Eric Brown. 3 1/2 points on Amazone.