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Looking for website on Molecular Neuroscience

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    Hello, some time ago I found a website dedicated to neuroscience. It deals with neurons, receptors, synapses etc on molecular level.

    The site is free and has a lot of information, including pictures, diagrammes etc.

    I think it is a project of some professor who wants that information be available to everyone for free. I think there weren't even ads or links to his non-free books.

    I thought I bookmarked it, but I can't find it. Anyone have idea of what I'm looking for?
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    Neuroscience for kids?

    (don't let the title fool you, it's packed with information)
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    No, wasn't that one. But thank you for replying.

    Edit: I think it was mostly about neurosignalling, but not sure.
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    I see a lot of hits for "online neuroscience tutorial", but I'm just shooting in the dark really.
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    Ah, Purves. Old school.
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    This is one of my favorites. Note there is a level selector on the top so you can read lessons in beginner intermediate or expert detail. Once you are inside a topic there is a field selector from social to molecular.
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    I think this page was referenced here a while back -

    Physical Neuroscience

    I keep meaning to properly read through the course notes I had downloaded a while back, but it looks like there are new notes for 2012.....
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    I was looking for this:
    http://www.biochemj.org/csb/ [Broken]

    Cell Signalling Biology
    This major contribution to the field of cell signalling by one of the world's leading experts, Professor Sir Michael Berridge (Cambridge) is now sponsored by the Biochemical Journal's Signal Knowledge Environment ensuring online access is freely available to all.

    PS: I highly recommend this site. Very good descriptions and images/graphics.
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