Medical Loud household bad for babies?

  1. I know some people who have a baby and a 6 year old. They scream constantly at the 6 year old, and a lot of the time while holding the baby. The baby doesn't seem to respond to it, but they scream loudly, and I'm worried about that child. Can that be damaging to the baby? Not only his hearing, but psychologically? I know it can't be good.
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    Great topic! No doubt about it. I can't stand those parents who stroller their babies to music or street fests that are way too loud even for adults. I'll add dogs to that list too. Poor guys.

    Loud noises can even be damaging to fetuses!
    Noise: A Hazard for the Fetus and Newborn

    This is an different problem. Sounds like abuse to me.
  4. Why abuse? They could be more concerned about their child's welfare and what dastardly situations he/she is getting into than some others who do not seem to give a hoot. A label put upon them might be somewhat premature, since there is no indication of what the parents are 'screaming'. Might be that the child has a problem with hearing and they have to talk loud for he/ she to hear correctly.
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    Talking loud is different than screaming.
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    Screaming is often interpreted as violent/hostile by children; it's perceived as a threat. The tone and facial features transmit a more important message than the words themselves. The older child potentially suffers the most in terms of emotional development; especially if it occurs regularly.
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  7. [ How do you get double quotes from 2 people here if possible ]

    My point, no disrespect to Greg who is quite well correct, is that the term 'scream constantly' is subjective. Having both parents screaming seems odd behavior. Does the child have a behavorial problem that they do not recognize or are unable to deal with adequately. Perhaps with the birth of the new baby, the child feels less attention is being given to him and is acting out and even with the screaming part he is receiving some acknowledgement of existance from his parents. I just think there is more going on here than just the focus on the screaming that the child may be suffering from.

    There actually is either up from me or next door, a lady who I can hear talking to her kid or kids in a manner that could be described as somewhat short of yelling. That grates on me and I have not said anything since I do not know exactly where she is located. The yelling is not continious.
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    I think based on Leroy's overall concerned tone and language in the post we're not misinterpreting the phrase "scream constantly". But I'm open to his correction.
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