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Magnetic field due to an elliptical coil

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    Is there any expression for finding out the magnetic field due to an elliptical coil?
    Can we proceed with Biot Savart's law?
    If so what is the final expression?
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    Yes you can use Biot Savart's Law.

    So, now that you know "which instruments" to use, you can answer your second question yourself. If you need any help, just show us where you got stuck.

    Good luck

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    My elliptical coil lies in the xy plane.
    I want to find out magnetic field in the yz plane. Zaxis is perpendicular to the coil.
    I applied Biot Savart’s law and got integrals for B(y) and B(z).

    Numerical integration is possible with Matlab.
    But I would like to know whether there is any final expression as in the case of circular loop.
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    As marlon said, this is straight-forward application of Biot Savart's law and some very tedious integration. I'm not able to find the calculated result on the net.

    Also, do you want to find the magnetic field at any point, or only in the xy plane?

    If you want, you could post your steps here and we can help to check if it's right.
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