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Homework Help: Magnitude and Impulse

  1. Nov 17, 2009 #1
    A player kicks a soccer ball (0.45kg). The player's foot is in contact with the ball for 3.0 H 10^-3 s and the force F(t)=[(6.0 * 10^6)t - (2.0 * 10^9)t^2 ]N for 0<_t<_3.0*10^-3s where t is in seconds.
    Find the magnitude of (a) the impulse of the ball due to the kick, (b) the average and maximum force from the player's foot during the period of contact and (c) the ball's kinetic energy immediately after it loses contact with the player's foot.
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    Hi xshezsciencex, welcome to PF. To get help, please follow the rules of this forum. Use the Homework Help template, show the relevant equations and tell us how you think the problem should be solved.
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