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Majoring in Physics; deciding on minor?

  1. Mar 31, 2015 #1
    I am completing my second year as a physics major. I now have to decide between pursuing the BS or BA track. I don't see myself getting a PhD in physics so I was thinking of getting the BA in Physics. After graduation I think that I would like to work in the practical aspects of physics, hands on but not sure doing what. With the BA I know I can fit in a minor concentration. My college offers only bio-engineering and electrical engineering to non-engineering majors, so I was thinking of minoring in electrical engineering. Would I be pigeon holing myself to an electrical engineering career? The thought was to get a background in some type of engineering. The other options that I'm considering are math, statistics or business (although our business school requires a lot!). Any other ideas or help would be appreciated.
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    No. Pick a subject you enjoy the most. A minor can help, but is not that important.
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    All a minor does is set a list of electives to give you additional study in one area. You can 'make your own minor' by picking electives that you want to take. If you choose this route be sure to talk to an advisor to be sure you don't miss key subject matter
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