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Male birth control pill - when will it be released?

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    I have been reading about the research being poured into the development of a male birth control pill. The articles I read were dated in late 2004 and mid 2005. I was wondering if anyone has any more recent news about this product (when it's scheduled to come to market, etc...)?

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    Honestly, this product will not succeed even if it is 100% effective.

    Like, what guy will remember to take it?
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    Yah unless its like a pill that you can keep in your wallet, it wont be successful.

    Even then it will need to realize sex is abotu to happen and jump into your mouth and force itself down your throat since ya, who the heck will remember???
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    Well, I'd remember to take it before sex. I never forget to put a condom on.
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    I don't know of anything that's even close to going to market (of course I could be wrong if there's some pharmaceutical company quietly working on something). Nothing that I know of was sufficiently effective or without side-effects to be a feasible method of birth control in men. The challenge is that while in women, it's fairly easy to disrupt that one egg ovulated each month, in men, the millions of sperm constantly being produced are very difficult to completely shut down, so they may be sub-fertile, but not sterile.
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